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We’ve reviewed a huge variety on online auctions, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Read reviews of over 20 online auctions websites, including editorial and user-submitted reviews.

2018 Free Auction Website Rankings

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Online Auction
Overall Rating
Feature Overview Very cheap auctions, very high volume of auctions, fair competition. Free to participate, similar to ebay, unique product offering.
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BBB Rating A+ Unknown
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There are a ton of online auction websites. From local-based online auctions to internationally bidding website, our goal is to cover them all.

List of Online Auctions


  • LiveAuctioneers Review

LiveAuctioneers Review is a free-to-participate online auction website which focuses pairs sellers and buys in an environment similar to ebay, but with a product like which screams, "estate auctions". That is, the typical products auctions can [...] Reviews is not a penny auction website. It actually provides a few different services. In addition to hosting its own auctions it also provides information on a large number of government auctions. Why join? Over [...]

Bonanza Review

Bonanza is quickly becoming one of the most popular peer to peer marketplaces, rivaling websites such as eBay, Tophatter,, and other popular only auction and marketplaces. As seems to be the business strategy [...]

EBid Review

Yet again, we're coming at you with another review of a non-penny auction website. Since there are so many new online auctions coming on board, we're going to cover them all! This week, eBid. [...] Review is not a penny auction website. It's actually a website which provides information on a large number of government auctions. Why join? The government and other organizations often hold public auctions of assets which [...]

Tophatter Review

It's not a penny auction! So why are we reviewing it? Well, we think that TopHatter is a good penny auction alternative. TopHatter is a free to bid auction website (you never pay for [...]

BIDZ.COM REVIEW is a California-based auction website which specializes in Jewelery auctions, featuring name brands like Gucci, Chanel, Roberto Coin, Autore, Disney, Chrome Hearts, and many more. While is not a penny auction, the bidding [...]