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DealDash is a US-based penny auction website which was founded in 2009. This is one of the longest-running and largest penny auction websites (similar in size to Quibids) operating in the US today. It should also be noted that DealDash purchased the domain in 2012. Prior to going out of business, Swoopo was a dominant penny auction operating in Europe.


  • Website:
  • Competition Level: Medium
  • DealDash Coupon Code: best-penny
  • Free bids at sign-up: 100
  • Other ways to get free bids: Promotions, contests

DealDash Review

DealDash is a low-frill penny auction giant which seems to offer a greater volume of auctions that almost any other penny auction website. The member-base of this auction site is also very large and easily supports the number of auctions which they offer. At a glance, DealDash offers incredible product variety, auction frequency and ships everything free all-the-time (which we really like)!

DealDash Auction Features

As we mentioned, DealDash is a low-frill auction meaning that there aren’t many gimmicks. The only special auction type they really offer are the ‘No Jumper’ auctions which help limit competition. With a No Jumper auction, bidding is closed to new bidders once the auction reaches a certain price. This prevents spoilers from entering auctions that have been running a long time.

Common DealDash Auction Products

  • TV Auctions (LED, LCD, Plasma, 3DHD, etc.)
  • Tablets (iPad, Samsung, etc.)
  • Gift Cards (all varieties of restaurants, gas cards, Amazon, etc.)
  • Camping and Outdoor (survival tools, sleeping bags, metal detectors, etc.)
  • Tools (drills, saws, etc.)
  • Small Home Appliances (deep fryers, bread makers, compact refrigerators, etc.)
  • Fitness (running shoes, dumbbells, racing bikes, etc.)
  • Toys, Kids & Baby  (cribs, bounce houses, LEGO’s, etc. )
  • Appliances (small kitchen appliances, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, etc.)
  • Cameras (SLR’s, underwater cameras, etc.)
  • Bid packages

DealDash Shipping and Fees

One thing that we love about DealDash (and Quibids) is free shipping! ships winning for free on all auctions in the continental USA. They do not provide shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or outside of the USA. Free shipping is rare in the penny auction world!

Is Deal dash a Scam?

DealDash has a great BBB rating (A+) and is accredited. They have a very good reputation in the industry for making good on won auctions, providing good customer service and having a generous refund policy. They appear to be extremely open in the operating practices. We don’t see any reason to call Deal Dash a scam.

DealDash Pros and Cons

  • DealDash Pros: Lots of auctions, great product variety, free shipping, No Jumper auctions
  • DealDash Cons: Lots of bidders and competition can be rough sometimes

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DealDash FAQ’s

How to sell on Dealdash 2019-05-10T15:49:12+00:00
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Dealdash is not a marketplace where you can sell on. All items on are sold by dealdash at this time. Sorry 🙂

DealDash Reviews on Yahoo 2019-05-10T15:48:25+00:00
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Many consumers turn to Yahoo for reviews on DealDash. If you’d like to see Yahoo reviews of Dealdash, please do so. We always recommend reading reviews before bidding.

How much does DealDash really cost? 2019-05-10T15:43:14+00:00
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The cost of participating in penny auctions is comprised of a few things.

  • Cost of bids: How much did you spend on bid packages while bidding?
  • Cost of the closed auction: If you won, how much was the final closing price?
  • Shipping Costs: What were the costs of shipping?
Can I get my bids back if I don’t win on DealDash? 2018-07-11T15:23:47+00:00
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If you do not win an auction, you can get your bids back, by taking advantage of the “Buy It Now” option.

For example: If you bid 100 times on a $50 Walmart Gift Card and don’t win, you can just buy the item for $50 and get all your bids back for free. You can now re-use your bids to try to win another auction!

How much does it cost to bid on DealDash? 2018-07-11T15:04:12+00:00
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Bid Pricing

The bid price may change daily depending on the active offers. Make sure to check out the current offer often, not to miss out on the cheapest days.

DealDash Free Bids 2018-07-11T15:05:51+00:00
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Let’s face it. DealDash is the monster penny auction that we all suspect it is. There’s a million things that we love about DealDash (free shipping, no jumper auctions, tons of product, etc.) but there’s also something we don’t!

How do you Get Free Bids for DealDash?

On sign-up DealDash rarely hooks new bidders up with free bids. However, once you’re a member, there are a few ways to get free bids on DealDash.

  1. Get DealDash free bids on facebook: Once you’ve won a DealDash auction and have received your bounty, take a picture and share it on their facebook page to get hooked up with free bids.
  2. Buy It: Let’s say you’re too deep in an auction and want to bail. Consider buying the item at the buy it price and dealdash with refund your bids. We consider these to be ‘free bids’ because you would lose them otherwise.
  3. Free bids faster: Each time you are the highest bidder, your bidder bar fills up. When the bar is full, you can claim your free bids and your level goes up. During “Free bids faster” promotions the bar fills up faster, meaning that you will earn the next level and the free bids faster!


Sites Like DealDash? 2018-07-11T14:57:27+00:00
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We often get asked the question, “Which penny auctions sites are like DealDash?”. Our answer, Quibids!

Why DealDash is Similar to Quibids

  1. Quibids offers an extremely high volume of penny auctions daily like DealDash.
  2. Quibids is considered as “safe” as DealDash in that shipping is cheap/free, most auctions are ‘buy it’ and their reputation is great (relative to other penny auction sites.
  3. Quibids and DealDash offer many of the same types of auctions (product selection)
  4. Quibids and DealDash both support new bidders/beginners with lower competition auctions.

Why DealDash is not Like Quibids

The main difference between DealDash and Quibids has to do with the price of bids. Quibids is known for almost never offering discount bids. DealDash on the other hand, frequently offers large discounts on bid packages. We’re not sure whether this is a plus or minus, but it is a difference.

How does DealDash’s Buy It feature work? 2018-07-11T14:49:32+00:00
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DealDash has Buy It auctions where auction losers can get all their lost bids (for a given auction) replenished if they pay for the item at retail value.

Does Deal dash offer auto-bid software? 2018-07-11T14:48:45+00:00
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Auto-bidding on DealDash

dealdash-autobidBidBuddy is the name of DealDash’s auto-bidding tool. On DealDash, BidBuddy is initiated by entering the number of bids and hitting ‘start’ (no start and stop points are needed). The tool will then place bids for you in the final few seconds of the auction.

  • When it bids: During the last few seconds of the auction
  • How many bids can it place per campaign: No limits
  • How many can be set simultaneously: Any number
  • Can it be deactivated? Yes
  • Restrictions: None
  • Try BidBuddy


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DealDash User Ratings and Reviews

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Average rating:  
 47 reviews
by Mary Ellen Ewing on DealDash
The Best Penny Auction Site By Far!

Deal Dash is an honest, terrific site to participate in and enjoy. One can win great items that are high quality, timely and beautiful. The Service Dept. is phenomenal! Concerns or questions answered quickly, courteously and satisfactorily. A+

by Pat M on DealDash
Won again

Great place to win almost anything you want. Easy auction wins just be the last bidder and it's yours

by Deborah Rose on DealDash

If you want to have fun and win great prized check ou dealdash

It is fun and entertaining. It would be nice if the made it easier to win gift cards and

Had contest to win them

by George Beyer on DealDash
Excellence in service

I am happy to share with everyone about the excellence in service DealDash provides. I have been a customer for 7 years. I can categorically tell you I have never been disappointed in the service the staff at DealDash provides. They are second to no one when it comes to genuine care, response time, and customer satisfaction. Thank you for all you do.

Regards, Thevikes

by Jim on DealDash
I love DealDash

I've been bidding on DealDash since 2016 and I love it. The quality of their products is superb.

Many of the items that I have won, over the years, have become birthday and Christmas gifts for my children and grandchildren.

If you are new to DealDash, then I advise you to watch and learn from the other bidders. Each bidder has his or her own style of bidding. Observation of those bidders will teach you how to win on DealDash. In addition, the DealDash website offers tutorials on bidding and tips on how to bid successfully in the auctions.

When you first begin bidding, I recommend that you bid on the less expensive items. That will give you the experience that you need to bid on the higher value products.

After you purchase your first bid pack, you will find that on most days, DealDash offers highly discounted prices on their bid packs. Frequently, the bid packs sell for 12 cents per bid - that's a great deal.

Give it a try; you'll be surprised how easy it is to win on DealDash.

by Theodore Adams on DealDash
DealDash #1

DealDash is a great penny auction site with high quality auctions with a wide variety of items to bid on. They have a number of in incentive based “free bids” earning opportunities as well. The customer service I have experienced is top quality always leaving me feeling like a valued customer with the whole team. They even make a concerted effort to get ideas and suggestions from customers that are actually taken into consideration and many actually implemented. It is a fun site where you can spend as little or as much as you want. I often find myself leaving a “session” of bidding leaving with some excitement and a smile because of my win/winnings.

by Starla Stires on DealDash
Online shopping with a twist!

I love DealDash. I have been a bidder since Feb of 2012. For me, I use it as a fun way to shop online with a twist. I bid on items I would buy as gifts or for myself, and if I don't win, I buy it and get all my bids back that I invested. It's a win win for me. Their customer support team is outstanding and always available to chat live online if I need support or a question answered. I enjoy the different ways they mix up the auctions, whether it be a half price auction, or a special event for a holiday. They make it interesting, fun, and a challenge. It's not an easy win by any means. It takes time to learn the bidders techniques and habits. You will lose as many as you win. That's a given. But when I do win, it's all worth it! I recently won an Apple Imac retail value of $1,200.00 for only $14.20. This was during a winner pays half price of won auction. Take your time, expect to lose. You need to lose to appreciate those remarkable wins. Tons of fun!

by Rob on DealDash
Dealdash Review

I've used the site almost from the beginning and have many things. Many people have issues because they don't learn how to be the most effective on auction sites, and it takes some skills to win. I enjoy playing and will continue to do so.

by Emily Gehlbach on DealDash
So fun its Addictive

I love DealDash! I've won a lot of things, and gotten a few of my loved ones hooked as well. I won a kamikoto knife for less than 70 cents with bids I got for free. If i were to list all the great deals, this review would turn in to a novel! DealDash isnt like some of the other sites. I feel like they are a great company with amazing customer service. The only complaint I have (have ever had actually) is the way certain members take away the fun lately. They win all the auctions. They have multiple accounts (like arranging a few letters of their screen name or some just add some numbers) it makes if very hard to win anymore. After have only one or two small item wins after spending like a hundred the hubby doesn't let me play as much. So if you are new, look at all the product wins and the prices. Study the other shoppers. You will find out real quick some shoppers are impossible to beat : ( if it werent for other people takimg the fun out of it, 5 stars all the way

by Sandra Williams on DealDash
What I think about DealDash

I start using DealDash on April 2015. I have won many auctions and lost just as many. But I believe they are a fair and honest bidding site. In fact I may even be addicted to bidding. But I enjoy every minute I spend on it. If I had problems they alway resolves them. They have many ways of getting bids, like the weekly challenge. So for that and many other reason I will always be a DealDasher for life.

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