Alright we have compiled a great set of websites similar to eBay, these are going to be great alternatives for everyone whether you are looking for a huge selection or just want to find the best deal available.

A lot of the time we have our favorite sites to go shopping but you have to keep your eyes open because some of these sites we are going to cover have some good features and offerings that might be a better option for you.

Comparison Chart & Reviews

WebsiteRatingAuctionsFree BidsFree ShippingFeature OverviewReview
Seller PreferenceFree to participate, similar to eBay, unique product offering.Read eBid Review 
Yes / Prime MembershipHuge online marketplace, many perks with prime membership including 2-day free shippingComing Soon
Seller PreferenceFree online auction featuring low prices and high auction volume.Read TopHatter Review
Most $20 shippingFree online auction, excellent Deal of the Day section with unique offers. Read uBid Review
Seller PreferenceFree to participate, similar to eBay, less expensive for sellers so slightly lower prices.Read Bonanza Review

Overview of Marketplaces/Sites like eBay

We’ve reviewed a huge variety on online auctions and marketplaces, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Check out our In-depth review of eBay!

This is the fun part about online shopping, no more driving 2 hours to the outlet!  If you don’t like one place or find a better deal the next stop is just a few clicks away. Pretty much anything you’re looking for is available online, check out the following list for a variety of websites similar to eBay where you can find anything from unique vintage items in an auction format or even normal everyday items up to 80% off.


Although very similar to eBay, it is definitely a great alternative due to being one of the largest auction sites right behind eBay. eBid has a great selection of items with an easy to use interface that’s also slightly similar to eBay.

They have all same formats with auction style and buy it now for listings. They currently have over 3 million listings across many categories. They charge sellers lower fees than eBay so it may be possible to find items for a slightly lower price. 

Read our full review.


Now I’m sure your familiar with Amazon, but if your not I would recommend check it out.

Although its not an auction site there are many categories and also new and used items from a variety of sellers. Amazon prime membership which provides many perks such as streaming movies/music and free 2 day shipping on almost every item. There are reviews from previous customers on items but I’d say be careful with the reviews sometime sellers can have tactics that make it seem like they only get positive reviews, other than that great alternative.


Tophatter is a really fun auction site, all of the listings are done by sellers and bids are always free. The big takeaway is that they have some auctions only last 90 seconds, and consumers can win discounted products for up to 80% of retail price.

Take a look at our full review.


In comparison, Ubid is definitely unique and is not a marketplace where members can sell their own items, most of the items sold are provided by excess inventory and sold directly by Ubid. Many of the listings do not have free shipping but rather a $20 shipping and handling fee. The good thing about Ubid is that you can have confidence in what you buy being a legitimate item since Ubid acquires its inventory from manufacturer or distributor surplus. Full Review Here.


Another website that is very similar to eBay although there are no auction listings from looking through the site. Various categories where you can find new and pre-owned items, they seem to be focused on marketing to sellers with a lot of reviews about how its the best place to sell online, offering sellers free listings and lower fees. So keep an eye out just like eBid you might just find items for a lower price. See our full review.

Our community of readers are also welcome to contribute online auction testimonials and auction reviews of their own. Please enjoy the information on this website and contact us if you have any questions. Thanks and good luck bidding!


There are a ton of online auction websites. From local-based online auctions to internationally bidding website, our goal is to cover them all.

List of Online Auctions

WebsiteEditor's RatingTypeBest Features
DealDash logoRead ReviewPenny AuctionMany auctions available from TV's to home appliances, featuring beginner auctions, free shipping, great reputation.
Go To DealDash
Review Coming SoonE-commerceHuge online marketplace, many perks with prime membership including 2-day free shipping
Go To Amazon
Read ReviewFree AuctionLargest marketplace to find online auctions, with many categories, offers buy it now and promotions
Go To eBay
Read ReviewFree Auction,
Offers products across all categories, similar to eBay, less expensive for sellers so slightly lower prices.
Go To Bonanza
Read ReviewPenny AuctionAlways free shipping. You can earn free bids by referring friends and family.
Go To CentBids
Read ReviewFree AuctionMany auctions are available in all categories, unique product offering.

Go To

Read ReviewFree Auction,
Offers vacation & travel auctions, excellent Deal of the Day section with unique buy it now offers.
Go To
Read ReviewFree AuctionSteal of the Day section, various categories with authentic police seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods.
Go To PropertyRoom
Read ReviewPenny AuctionSpecial events to win extra bids, prizes, or other incentives, shipping is free, refer-a-friend program to earn free bids.
Go To OrangeBidz
Read ReviewPenny Auction, 
Free shipping on almost everything, auctions available in many categories laptops and tablets to purses and jewelry.
Go To Quibids
Read ReviewFree Auction,
Various product categories from jewelry to electronics featuring high paced auctions, with Buy It Now options.
Go To TopHatter
Read ReviewPenny Auction, 
Primabids store where you can buy it now, winners can re-sell products which they’ve won, gift cards, games, and many other products.
Go To PrimaBids
Read ReviewPenny AuctionBeginner Auctions, buy it auctions, offers auctions in many categories and discounts for new bidders.
Go To WellBid
Read ReviewFree AuctionOffers government Auction information for thousands of yearly government auctions, bank foreclosure, car, truck, and other automobile auctions
Go To PoliceAuctions


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Websites Similar to eBay

Alright we have compiled a great set of websites similar to eBay, these are going to be great alternatives for everyone whether you are looking for a huge selection or just want to find [...]

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