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Bonanza is quickly becoming one of the most popular peer to peer marketplaces, rivaling websites such as eBay, Tophatter,, and other popular only auction and marketplaces. As seems to be the business strategy with other eBay rivals, Bonanza has taken a “seller-centric” approach to building an enormous catalog of sellers worldwide. For the end user (you!), this means lots of variety in the types of items for sale in this marketplace. Much of which you probably won’t find anywhere else. Please keep in mind that Bonanza is NOT a penny auction website, but an online marketplace similar to ebay.


  • Bonanza Address: 3131 Western Ave Ste 428, Seattle, WA 98121-1028
  • Phone number: (206) 588-5849
  • Facebook:
  • BBB Rating: A+

Editor’s Bonanza Review

Bonanza is just like eBay, except a much newer option born with a goal of creating a marketplace where anyone can sell and items seem a bit more unique. If eBay and Etsy were to get married and make a baby, Bonanza would be the result. In short, Bonanza is an online marketplace featuring tens-of-thousands of sellers from around the world. The website offers both new and used products in every category. As a buyer, you’re given the chance to purchase both unique and run-of-the-mill items. As a seller, it’s basically the same as eBay except without as many seller fees.

Please note that is NOT a penny auction. That’s right, NOT a penny auction. 

Bonanza Marketplace Features differs from penny auction websites in a few ways:

  • Non-Auction Format: Bonanza is not an auction website, it’s a marketplace where you do not compete (bid) for an item.
  • Free to participate: All auctions are free to participate in. The consumer only pays when she/he wants to buy an item.
  • Private Sellers: Products sold on Bonanza are done so by other vendors. So there are basically thousands of vendors auctioning products at all times.
  • High Volume: At a glance, there seems to be about 250,000 items for sale across almost every shopping category.

Common Bonanza Items

  • New items
  • Used items
  • Fashion (cloths, jewelry, hats, winter cloths, etc.)
  • Electronics (consumer electronics, home made electronics, name brand electronics)
  • Home goods (home decor, gardening, etc.)
  • Collectibles (sports memorabilia, etc.)
  • Antiques
  • Pet supplies
  • Really, everything else (look now)

Bonanza Shopping Tips

  • Watch the seller: Bonanza is not a retail company. They are a website. All items for sale on are sold by third party sellers. Some are great, some are not. Ready seller reviews (link to seller reviews on each auction page) BEFORE buying.
  • Shipping cost: Items come from all over the World and shipping can be expensive. Again, look for the shipping costs charged by sellers on each product page.
  • Shipping time: Same as above, items shipping across the World will take time (weeks) to arrive.

Bonanza Marketplace Shipping and Fees

Bonanza sellers are responsible for setting their own shipping fees. It’s important that you the buyer review the shipping costs and time for each item that you are puchasing. We cannot stress this enough. The most common bad review of the Bonanza website is complaints about shipping. Don’t buy from sellers if you aren’t okay with the shipping cost or time!

Is Bonanza a scam?

We don’t think so. Bonanza is an online marketplace full of great and terrible sellers. Read seller reviews, buy what you like.  The simple way to avoid feeling taken.

Bonanza Pros and Cons

  • Bonanza Pros: Free to shop, huge wide selection of products, some unique stuff to buy.
  • Bonanza Cons: Shipping can be timely and expensive, seller reputations vary greatly but are easy to see on the website.


Try Free FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the website, Bonanza.

Does Bonanza offer a wishlist? 2018-03-16T13:09:28+00:00

Yes, instead of ‘adding to cart’, Bonanza shoppers can add to ‘wishlist’ for later purchase.

Bonanza Customer Support Phone Number 2018-03-05T15:35:40+00:00

Bonanza requires users to log-in and upgrade their account to access their official customer support line. For most of us, support is only available via the support portal.

What is a Top-Rated Seller on Bonanza 2018-03-05T15:30:51+00:00

On Bananza, a top-rated seller is one who essentially has a great reputation. We recommend only working with top rated sellers if you want to be on the safe side in terms of product quality and vendor reliability. Top Rated Sellers:

  • Have 98%positive feedback
  • Have been selling on Bonanza for 90+ days
  • Have sold at least $250 in goods with 25+ transactions
  • Have a refund rate of less than 20%

Look for the following logo on auction pages to ensure that the seller has the ‘Top Rated’ designation.


Does Bonanza Have a Mobile App? 2018-03-05T15:20:33+00:00

Yes, offers a shopping app which is available on both the itunes and Android stores. You can shop either online or via the Bonanza mobile app.


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Average rating:  
 41 reviews
by Lance Burkhardt on Bonanza

Scam alert! They take your money and try to take all your passwords and personal information. It is not possible to login unless you click on forgot password and proceed to email (old trick to get your new email login password). Tracking information is just updated weekly by seller saying it will arrive Monday, and then the next Monday. Can't find a phone number on website unless you subscribe to premier membership (whatever that is). There is no way to return items unless you ship them yourself back to Hong Kong and there is no item to send back anyway. Can't cancel orders. You pay with card and they say you pay with PayPal and have you login but they are just trying to get your PayPal password and continue the scam. It wasn't enough that you bought some nonexistent purse but they want all your passwords also. In closing, f*uck these people and their website.

by J. Martinez on Bonanza

Steer clear of this company. Sellers are scammers. I bought something from "legoskins" aka Nydia Murray at Kept my $, never got item, and never got response from seller. Contacted Bonanza for assistance. This was Bonanza's response, "The seller associated with your purchase, legoskins, has been permanently suspended from Bonanza due to a violation of our User Agreement. This activity was identified after your order was placed (Mind you, Bonanza never informed me when they came upon this info)." They go on to say they can't do anything about it but suggest I file a claim with PayPal. Terrible customer service and no customer protection.

by I. Mendoza on Bonanza

Steer Clear. I ordered from legoskins aka Nydia Murray at They kept my $, and I never got my item or response from the seller. When I contacted Bonanza, they admitted that this was a fraudelent seller that had been removed from their website. They said there was nothing they could do and suggested I file a claim with PayPal. What good is Bonanza then as a third party in this transaction? Stick to Ebay or Amazon.

by curt m on Bonanza

cannot even browse without a verify captcha!

by Pissedoff on Bonanza
Do Not use Bonanza

Purchased my first item on Bonanza and never got it. Been over one mont. They billed my credit card the day I ordered the item. Support at Bonanza stated contact seller. Seller stated that they do not know why item was not received. Never got an e mail confirm or tracking #. STAY CLEAR OF BONANZA, NO SUPPORT, SELLERS ARE A SCAM

by Lucien Mars on Bonanza
Bonanza Supports Cyber Crime & Identity Theft

Beware: Bonanza has allowed a computer hacker to counterfeit my entire site and identity TWICE. I am the legal owner of the Sorcerer's Cellar.This callous disregard for public safety, for computer fraud, for hacking, for identity theft is totally ILLEGAL. The owners know I am not on their site, yet they allow my trademarks, my storefront name, my incorporated name, and my own listings to be stolen brazenly, and not just once, but twice now, They've closed the Sorcerer's Cellar down 3 times already. Enough of cyber crime is enough. DO NOT TRUST BONANZA. THIS SITE CONDONES IDENTITY THEFT, ALLOWS FRAUD, AND TAKES NO PRECAUTIONS TO PREVENT IT WHATSOEVER. BUYER BEWARE

by JJ on Bonanza

Do not use this site.I would not even give it a one star. I ordered from fairydusta booth and paid via paypal. I have not received any response to my many inquiries. I received nothing. They have my money, i have nothing. It is a scam!

by Ronald Giesin on Bonanza
counterfeits and fakes

counterfeits and fakes

by Hard To Find Recordings on Bonanza
Owners charge commission on sales that are cancelled for non payment

I would just like to add a Serious Caution on selling on BONANZA. I made a few sales there and then got a bunch of no pay's. Guess what. There is no way to cancel an order for non payment and Bonanza wants the commission anyway. They ended up billing me a lousy $32 for orders never paid for and thus not shipped. I consider them to be nothing more than scammers. How do you charge commission when payment or non payment goes through your site and you can clearly see it was not paid for. I would steer clear of BONANZA

by G on Bonanza

Created an account there 5 years ago but didn't use it until about 2 years ago. Great experience selling on Bonanza so far.

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  1. Nidzter April 22, 2018 at 8:45 pm - Reply

    I attempted to place an order and right away the seller started cursing at me. I thought it was wierd and reported them to Bananza. Bonanza apologized and told me they gave the seller a warning. Theb I received another email talking about gentals and my mother. I reported that to Bonanza but they said supposedly it was sent before the warning but it wasnt. I decided not to but from here anymore. I dont trust them.

  2. Ainokea May 16, 2018 at 5:44 pm - Reply

    Watch out for those China sellers but you get what you pay for.

  3. Michael Moore June 22, 2018 at 11:46 pm - Reply

    You people sound very immature.

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