Penny auctions are alive and well, CentBids has all the makings of an awesome penny auction website. They are relatively new in the space but keep in mind with penny auctions the newer the better as there is less competition. They are managed by a company located in Columbia called GoCaribe S.A.S, and use merchant processors like PayPal and Stripe among others based on locality. The website is clean and easy to use and navigate, offering auctions of all types from electronics to home and garden. In this review, we are going to take a deeper look at keep reading below.


  • Website:

  • Competition: High

  • CentBids Coupon Codes: None Available

  • Free bids at sign-up: 3 Bids

  • Other ways to get free bids: Friend referrals

  • CentBids Address: CRA 3 SUR #48-27 Barranquilla Atlantico CO

  • Phone number: +57 (304) 55 90 250

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:

  • BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Editor’s CentBids Review

CentBids is a really interesting penny auction site, as soon as you land on the homepage you can see all the live auctions and it’s like a carnival with so many colors and action. They have a great layout and we found it easy to navigate and begin bidding right away, once you set up an account you get 3 free bids so you can as well.

There were two main ways to use the website, you can either:

  1. See All Auctions – You can see all the live and upcoming auctions for all products
  2. See All Products – You can see all the products they usually have for sale and some additional data such as the average price it sells for, the additional details on the products and a countdown timer for when the product is in an auction.

Bidding Experience on CentBids

You have to stay on top of your auctions as there are not auto bidding features, and you might miss out and lose the auction if you’re not paying attention and miss a bid. Every time someone bids it extends the auction by 10 seconds, so its kind of best to start bidding once the counter is down to 10 or fewer seconds. That’s usually when all the action is happening, and after looking at a few different auctions I did notice that people tend to wait until around 3 – 4 seconds to place another bid.

If you stay inside of the product details (the page for the product your bidding on) you can see who is actually bidding, this tip is great for competitive research because they show you the 5 previous bids. Keep your eye on the bidder’s nicknames and you will see who you are competing against and be able to make a strategy to beat them. Good news is if your strategy doesn’t work and you have not won an auction and you just spent all your bids. When you decided to purchase more you will get back all of the bids you used on top of the ones you just bought.

CentBids Auction Categories

  • Computers & Laptops
  • Home & Garden
  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • Vouchers & Gift Cards
  • Game Consoles
  • Kitchen 
  • Toys
  • Hifi & Audio
  • Photo & Video Cameras
  • TV & Home Theaters

CentBids Shipping and Fees

This is really straightforward with CentBids, they always ship for free and there is no additional cost outside of the auction price.

Privacy & Security

They are really into privacy, stating that they do not store any information about their users besides the nickname and when bids are purchase. They follow a “Zero Data – Delete All” practice, also they don’t send marketing emails.

CentBids FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the auction website,

How can I get more bids for free on CentBids?2019-06-21T20:11:48+00:00

There is a referral program where you can refer friend and family and for each refferal, you will receive 3 free bids. If they purchased bids you will receive 3 bids + 50% of their purchased bids.

How can I buy Bids on CentBids?2019-06-21T20:07:41+00:00

On the website, there is a link toward the top and to the right labeled “Buy Bids” Once you select that then you just choose your package and pay.

Are payments secure on CentBids?2019-06-21T20:04:38+00:00

They process payments using the following providers:

  • PayU Latam
  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Payments via merchant processors are usually very secure as they have additional protections for consumers.

Why does CentBids need my phone number?2019-06-21T20:01:32+00:00

It looks like they use the account kit from Facebook that uses the phone number for login, but they are pretty serious about privacy. CentBids does not store any information about you.

Who is the company behind CentBids?2019-06-21T19:58:53+00:00 is a subsidiary of another company and is provided by GoCaribe S.A.S.


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