A new year and a new online auction landscape. There were some big changes in 2018 so today, we’ve prepared the comprehensive list of online websites for 2019.

Ebay Auctions

No online auction list would be complete with mentioning the monster in the marketplace, Ebay. Ebay has become more relevant in the past few years as we’ve seen a large TV advertising budget. We assume it’s Ebay’s way of trying to pull on market share from Amazon. That said, Ebay step aside, there are some new online online auction website in town!


TopHatter continues to see growth in the online auction space. On this website alone, we’ve had over 1,200 user-submitted reviews for this website alone! This is more than any other website which we aggregate reviews for. Worth a look for sure.


In the penny auction space, DealDash continues to share ownership of the space along with one other competitor. DealDash is the longest-running pay to participate auction that we know about who offers great beginner auctions.


While on the topic of penny auctions, Quibids is the other main player in this space, still maintain a good reputation and a wide variety of items for auctions. If you haven’t tried a penny auction yet, it may be something to look at.

Police Auctions

We’re not sure how much of the inventory from Police Auctions actually come from the police but the deals are good sometimes and fun to participate in. Learn more about Police and Government Auctions.


eBid is a quite auction website in terms of advertising and PR. We haven’t had a lot of user feeedback on this one but they are one of the few free to participate online auction websites and we’ve written a bit about them here.

Government Auctions (GovernmentAuctions.org)

This is not actually an auction website. What it is though is a great resource to check out if you’d like to see listings of government sponsored auctions near you. It’s a paid service (cheap) but if your serious about buying a government-seized, car, real estate, etc. it’s a great resource.

Live Auctioneers

Another auction website which we don’t get a lot of user feedback on is LiveAuctioneers. This free auction website seems to get a lot of overstock items and auction them daily. The product choice is pretty good from what we can tell.


OrangeBidz is the smallest penny auction running regular auctions. We’ve always felt that for beginners, it might be a good place to start since the number of bidders on this networks seems low compared to others.


Primabids.com is a new penny auction which launched in 2017. In a nutshell, Primabids seeks to be the next Orangebidz, HappyBidDay, of Quibids.


Bidz.com is a California-based auction website which specializes in Jewelery auctions, featuring name brands like Gucci, Chanel, Roberto Coin, Autore, Disney, Chrome Hearts, and many more.