Yet again, we’re coming at you with another review of a non-penny auction website. Since there are so many new online auctions coming on board, we’re going to cover them all! This week, eBid. in an online auction website most similar to eBay. In summary, lots of sellers and lots of buyers coming together to exchange both used and new goods in all product categories. If you’re tired of the pay-to-bid auction website like Quibids and Dealdash, and want to an alternative to free auction websites like TopHatter, Bonanza, and eBay, give a try.


  • Competition: Low-Medium

  • eBid Coupon Codes: Not needed, bids are free

  • Free bids at sign-up: All bidding is free, pay only when you win.

  • Other ways to get free bids: N/a

  • eBid Address: 382 NE 191st St # 42012 , Miami, FL 33179-3899

  • Phone number: Unknown

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:

  • BBB Rating: Unknown

Editor’s eBid Review

eBid looks and feels a lot like eBay. In fact, the auction style mimics in every way that we can think except 1- the promise of lower fees than eBay offers. This of course only affects sellers but we felt the need to mention it. The auction items are always supplied by third parties, some items new, some used, etc. eBid really does seem like a good alternative to eBay from what we can see.

Please note that is NOT a penny auction. That’s right, NOT a penny auction. Bids are always free and the auction winner pays for the item and shipping. Auction Features

eBid differs from penny auction websites in a few ways:

  • Free Auctions: All auctions are free to participate in. The consumer only pays when she/he wins.
  • Private Sellers: Items auctioned on eBid are done so by other vendors. So there are basically thousands of vendors auctioning products at all times.
  • High Auction Volume: The volume is really hard to quantify as a user but based on our research, auction volume in the USA may be similar to Quibids.

Common Auctions

  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Used and new clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Stamps
  • Collectibles
  • Seasonal items
  • Toys
  • Hobbies
  • Much more (hundreds of categories)

Bidding Tips on eBid

  • Shipping cost: Check the shipping price before bidding. In some cases, shipping is expensive
  • Shipping time: Watch the estimated shipping time. There seems to be a lot of international shipping here.
  • Bid minimums: Some items have high bid minimums (just like eBay) Shipping and Fees

eBid sellers set their own shipping rates and in some cases, are shipping from overseas so we caution bidders to view the shipping information (located at the bottom of each auction page) prior to bidding.

Is eBid a scam?

We don’t think so. eBid has been operating worldwide for over a decade and online reviews for eBid are generally pretty positive.

eBid Pros and Cons

  • eBid Pros: Free to participate, a wide selection of auctions, fast paced and fun.
  • ebid Cons: Shipping can be timely and expensive


Try eBid Free


eBid FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the auction website,

Does eBid have an app for Android or IOS?2018-03-16T13:18:43+00:00

Yes, eBid has mobile apps for both Android and IOS devices. The app allows both buyers and sellers to interact with the website, buy, and sell online via the eBid marketplace.

What fees does ebid have?2018-03-16T13:15:29+00:00

On, buyers pay for the product plus any shipping charges. The selling fees are paid by sellers and these come in two tiers.

  1. Seller: Basic seller accounts pay 3% of the Auction Final Value
  2. Seller+: Sellers who sell often on ebid can upgrade to a Seller+ which removes all percentage selling fees in exchange for a flat weekly/monthly/yearly fee. Upgrade Fee : 7 Day $1.99 | 30 Day $6.99 | 90 Day $16.99 | 365 Day $54.99 | Lifetime (special offer running) $99.98


eBid Bidder Ratings and Reviews

The reviews below were submitted by users, and solely reflect the views of the individuals who submitted them. Users were not compensated for leaving a review.

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Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Bobby Thomas
Gotta Work to Sell and Save

I love the fees and ease of eBid. I signed up for a lifetime seller. Migrated my eBay listings over at 5% less with free shipping over $150 USD and collected sales tax only in my Nexus State. I them jacked up my prices on eBay and added the above information about eBid, shipping and sales tax in my eBay listings. I also plastered the information on my eBay Store, my Seller Information and my business Facebook page. The sales started rolling in and they have been growing daily. When someone on eBay asked for perks on my listings, I send them to eBid. When I send an offer on eBay, I mention my eBid perks in the offer. When I sell a high dollar item on eBay and I get the buyers email, I send them a note and ask if they'd like to cancel the eBay order and go eBid. eBid isn't forcing me into "MisManaged Payments" and allows payment by check and money orders, saving me PayPal fees.

 by Amon
Not bad, ebid is fun

Not my favorite online bidding website but ebid seems to have a good variety of stuff, similar to ebay. Nice to try something new with ebids.

 by carry
ebid is smaller than ebay

ebid is much smaller than ebay but is good to sell on.

 by reinee hossettler
ebidder is great

I'm a fan. Have bid on a few items and the transactions went well.

 by Kayin
All Good, Except Ship fee

Shopping is fun and my watch came quickly. Shipping was expensive buy I'm already spoiled by Amazon!

 by ronald
Seller comment

As a seller, i like the lower fees compared to ebay. However, there seem to be a lot fewer buyers so I definitely don't sell as much volume on ebid as i do on ebay. Still, i make a bit more on each sale so it's worth the time to manage it.

 by orlando r
Odd auctions

There's not a ton of auctions for stuff i want but i did find some strange home security items and got a mirror with hidden camera. Not typical stuff but fun to shop.

 by morris
a few good deals on ebid

Bid on a few old baseball cards (yes i still collect baseball cards at my ripe old age). Everything worked out as expected.

 by shana
ebid review

I like ebid for jewelry, haven't bougt too much else. Good to look at seller ratings first too.

 by daniel cialo
Ebay, less stuff

ebid is a good backup option to ebay. Seems to have less stuff but still a lot to bid on.

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  1. Tony August 6, 2018 at 5:39 am - Reply

    Not impressed. Was banned from the site after a seller sent me the wrong item. The seller could not handle a negative review and somehow convinced moderators that I was flipping products, or something crazy. I was not, I was only frustrated to get the wrong item sent to me. Attemps to be reinstated on the website have gone ignored.

  2. Art M August 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm - Reply

    ebay has the distinct advantage or worshipping the buyer. As a seller (Power Seller, Top Rated, 20 years plus on eBay) I have been on the wrong end of that a bit too often. Seller ships an item, tracking proves delivery, buyer decides he never got it, eBay will side with that buyer every time, and issue a refund, then collect it from the seller.

    • leah June 24, 2020 at 9:54 am - Reply

      Don’t take this the wrong way as I know there are people on eBay doing exactly what you said but we have had items delivered to us that have been left in stupid places by the delivery company especially myHermes that we didn’t sign for but it says we did so just because it says something has been delivered with signature does not always mean the person has got it not every customer is trying to pull a fast one when they say they haven’t got something even though there is a signature Royal Mail for one are very good at delivering stuff to the wrong address!. Its eBay’s policy that if something goes wrong with delivery it’s the sellers responsibility to claim a refund through the delivery company it’s best when sending something especially if it’s expensive item to have it fully tracked not just a signature on delivery as if it goes missing or to the wrong place the company can track it. i also think the reason why people feel safe buying stuff from ebay is because they side with the buyer if something goes wrong if they didn’t they wouldn’t get so meny using the site but they do need to vet people if they’ve had the same person pulling the same stunt over and over again as we too have been on the wrong end of buyer protection we were just lucky enough the iafter the idiot got there money back they left us a Bad feedback moaning about the product they supposedly didn’t get so eBay reversed the refund.

  3. Jane Wright-Hayes February 22, 2020 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    Had a rough start with my order, but Seller made good, and shipped all that I ordered, Seller responded to my inquiries and sent me an additional item to make up for the lengthy delay.

  4. Steve M December 30, 2020 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    I have a lifetime membership with eBid that I paid for several years ago. I have been selling on eBay for over 20 years, mostly CGC graded comics under On eBid I tried to sell on many occasions but could never get any traffic and absolutely no sales.On eBay I don’t have these problems. However, I would like an alternative to eBay’s ridiculous fees and treatment of the seller. Without the seller, there is no products for the buyers yet eBay treats the seller like crap & bends over backward for the buyer. Upon browsing multiple times in the past, I have never seen any one get an actual sale on eBid.

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