gives buyers and sellers a marketplace for real estate properties. You can create a free account and search over 30,000 properties online, with the largest selection of residential bank owned, foreclosure and short sale properties. Auctions are available in all 50 states as well as access to property information reports.  A contract and closing team is available to help with the closing process and can generate the contract and send it straight to the seller.  


  • Website:

  • Competition:  Medium

  • Free Sign-Up: Bids Require Bidder Qualifications & Deposit

  • Other ways to get free bids: n/a

  • Coupons: None that we know of.

  • Address: One Mauchly Irvine, CA 92618

  • Phone Number: (800) 793-6107

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:

  • BBB Rating: B (Owned by Ten-X, Accredited ) Review

Changing the way property auctions are done brings online bidding to the sale of residential bank-owned and foreclosure properties. Who wouldn’t want to buy some property for a better deal, especially with how market values of home just keeps going up. is focused taking the in person real estate auction online, with tons of technology and data science behind the scenes. Once you register for a free account you can start to search their listings and you can save listings you like and will show you similar properties in your feed. 

They have a lot of resources to make sure your prepared to start bidding with how to guides and videos. Customer support is available throughout the process via phone or live chat. We find to be a great auction site but if you are not up to date on purchasing real estate, members on Reddit say “The general consensus is that it’s not for the novice or rookie investor”.

The other side to this is that if you do your due diligence you can purchase property for a lot less than market price! Features

  • Access to property information
  • Exclusive properties 
  • Personalized feed
  • Onsite and online education
  • Customer support throughout the entire process.
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Are all of the properties available for online bidding?2019-01-07T01:11:53+00:00

Although most are online, the short answer is no. There are still auctions that are held live at public venues provides details for these events on their auction calendar.

Should I consider getting a real estate agent to help?2019-01-07T01:05:47+00:00 will ask you when you are registering if you are represented by an agent.

Although it is not necessary to have an agent, a professional can always help.

What to do when you win an auction?2019-01-07T01:03:42+00:00

Once you are declared the winner of the auction, there is an earnest money deposit that is required to be paid on the day you win. Then the customer service team helps with completing contracts to send to the seller.

What do I need to participate in an auction?2019-01-07T01:08:22+00:00

Some properties are going to require bidding qualifications, in this case you will be in touch with an customer service agent to guide you on specific instructions.

Outside of this all you need is an internet connection and your credit card.

How do I register to bid on a property on

Once you find the property you want to bid on, click “Register for this Auction”. Then you will be asked to create an account.


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  1. demyurg December 4, 2019 at 12:48 pm - Reply is biased against the buyers. Not a true auction site. It will allow the sellers or the moderators to place bids at their own sell events in order to outbid and bring the price up. Why not just start the auction at the minimum price they are willing to accept and go from there? it would save time and money for the buyers Very unfair…just a heads up for the buyers.

  2. Daniel Moore December 5, 2019 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    I signed up to bid on as I saw an interesting property. I finally placed a bid the Seller could live with, and the deal was closed. I immediately moved funds to be made available for closing, sent their “Good Faith Deposit” (almost $6000) in cash, and started to fill out the Contract sent by my Contract Specialist.
    Then the problems began.
    I had hired an inspector to go look at the property. While his report was generally favorable, he found out:
    1. There was a huge 40 yd dumpster on the property and the Container company wants almost $1000 to remove it
    2. There is a lien on the property for almost $4000 for past-due HOA fees
    3. There are substantial monthly (undisclosed) HOA fees!
    4. There is an open trailer on the property filled with rainsoaked home contents
    The property is filled with garbage (not in the web site pictures)!
    I called my “Contract Specialist”. For WEEKS. I sent him emails. FOR WEEKS.
    He FINALLY responded. I told him I had major problems. He sent me a new contract and said to sign it THAT DAY. When I got it, it had NO addendum addressing any of the issues.
    When I wouldn’t sign it, they washed out the entire deal and said it was MY fault.
    STAY AWAY! By the time you find out the truth about what you’re buying they stop talking. Major hidden issues. Find a more reputable auction company.

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