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PoliceAuctions.com is not a penny auction website. It actually provides a few different services. In addition to hosting its own auctions it also provides information on a large number of government auctions. Why join? Over the years, the company has developed one of the most comprehensive government auction databases on the internet. They claim to have more listings and more accurate up-to-date government auction data than any other site on the web. PoliceAuctions.com also has a robust non-government auctions with $1 no reserve auctions, featuring items like certified diamond rings, collectibles like Mickey Mantle baseball cards, gold coins and many other exciting auction opportunities.

About PoliceAuctions.com

  • Competition:  Medium

  • Free Sign-Up Bids: n/a

  • Other ways to get free bids: n/a

  • Police auctions coupons: Almost never offered.

  • PoliceAuctions.com Address: Serrf Corp. 3182 Pullman St., Costa Mesa, CA 92646

  • Phone Number: (714) 556-4900

  • Facebook: facebook.com/PoliceAuctions1

  • Twitter: twitter.com/policeauctions1

  • BBB Rating: A+ (Accredited)

PoliceAuctions.com Review

PoliceAuctions.com is not a penny auction website. It’s an auction website. If you ever wanted to see a comprehensive list of all government auctions in one place, this is the website to try. With it’s $1 auctions, PoliceAuctions.com brings a superior auction experience to its users. These no reserve auctions feature bids that update real-time, with no need to refresh the page, making for a more exciting and natural auction experience. This, combined with a manned support line, industry-leading disclosures, and friendly customer service, makes buying through PoliceAuctions.com fast, easy, and reliable. Since PoliceAuctions.com has all kinds of items, you’ll have no trouble finding something you want to bid on.

PoliceAuction.com Features

  • Government Auction information (time, date, participation requirements) for thousands of yearly government auctions.
  • Bank foreclosure and pre-foreclosue listings
  • Tax-related and abandoned properties
  • Car, truck, and other automobile auctions
  • Boat auctions
  • Jewelry auctions
  • Listings in all 50 US states and throughout Canada
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PoliceAuctions.com FAQ’s

How much is an upgraded membership on PoliceAuctions.com 2018-07-19T16:17:02+00:00

The upgraded membership is $7.95 monthly. This is a monthly reoccurring charge which is billed automatically until you cancel your upgrade. Or, you can purchase a one year membership for $39.95. The one year membership is only half the price of paying for a monthly membership for an full year and does not automatically re-bill you at the end of your one year.

Does PoliceAuctions.com include Foreclosed properties? 2018-07-19T15:55:13+00:00

The foreclosure listing is included in PoliceAuctions.com upgraded membership. The listing allows you to search through properties by the location of your choice. The listings will include the time and date of the auction if the property is being sold at auction. If not the listing will have the name of the lender or trustee for the property who can inform tell you how they intend to sell the property.

How do I access Car/Government Auctions on PolicecAuctions.com? 2018-07-19T15:56:28+00:00

The government utilities section is part of PoliceAuctions.com paid subscription area. To view the content, you must upgrade your membership.

Are there any buyer limits on PoliceAuctions.com? 2018-07-19T15:56:36+00:00

Yes, for First time buyers.

PoliceAuctions.com reserves the right to impose first-time buyer limits on all users of PoliceAuctions.com. While the first-time buyer limit is imposed on user, that user shall not be allowed to bid on any auctions, until the first-time buyer limit is removed. The first-time buyer limit is typically removed once the user has received and signed for a previously won item. PoliceAuctions.com reserves the right to impose first-time buyer limits on purchase amounts that exceed an average dollar value for new users, until such time as PoliceAuctions.com is able to establish that the purchases are not made through use of fraudulent credit cards.

Is there free member bidding on PoliceAuctions.com? 2018-07-19T15:56:42+00:00

With a free membership you have access to bid on all the $1 No Reserve Auctions on PoliceAuctions.com.

To view the Car, Government, and Foreclosure features you would need the upgraded membership.

Does PoliceAuctions.com offer subscriptions? 2018-07-19T15:56:57+00:00

Yes, at PoliceAuctions.com they offer an Annual subscription. This give you 50% off the monthly subscription price.

PoliceAuctions.com User Reviews

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 6 reviews
by B. Voranburg on PoliceAuctions.com
Not of the worth or quality they say...not the cheapest, but close

The pieces are nice, some silver is real but the rest don't, bother they look perfect but wear them for two weeks and the gold , silver or rose gold disappears very sad because I love the cut!

by Tom Burger on PoliceAuctions.com

I won a bid for coins and the value of the coins are considerably more that what I won them for. The coins were mailed to me in a timely manner. I experienced no problem and will bid again.

by Antonia Weiss on PoliceAuctions.com

I have bought some lovely jewelry off them. I don't think people read the whole description of the items they buy.

by R.Samual on PoliceAuctions.com
Be careful of what you buy some stuff is good and some not

I won 7 auctions mostly jewellery and a few coins. The Diamond ring I won was legit and worth between $500-600 dollars market value much more than what I paid even with the shipping. I also won a Swiss blue topaz diamond ring which was worth 3x more than what I paid for it. So now the bad news, the site advertised a 18k gold over sterling silver women's Amethyst bracelet and 14k gold diamond earrings. A professional appraiser said they were worthless costume jewellery. Said it was copper coated not gold! I did manage to slightly double my money because of the rings but was very dismayed about the rest. So be careful of what you buy, some stuff is legit and worth the money but some is crap and not as advertised. Educate yourself and be careful on what you bid on. Pics are of the earrings and bracelet. Thanks

by Neil Thim on PoliceAuctions.com
Good Overall

have purchased four rings and two necklaces /for wife and daughter; all god not a problem real 10 carat gold ect. sterling silver necklace was nice. also emerald necklace which i have to get chkd.

by Bella M. on PoliceAuctions.com
Good & Fast!

good products and fast delivery!