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100 Free Bids on DealDash

Hello penny auction bidders! Time for a quick Friday update from the penny auction World! We just found out about a great new offer from our friends at DealDash. If you don't know, DD is one of the largest penny auction website offering tons of auctions, large auction variety, always free shipping, and much more. [...]

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ORANGEBIDZ.COM REVIEWS is one of the smaller penny auction sites, offering a ‘less competitive’ community than sites like Quibids or DealDash. OrangeBidz is a pretty basic penny auction site, and operates in much the same way as sites like Quibids. If you are looking for a new penny auction site with less traffic and competition, than [...]

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UPDATE: BidCactus is now Beezid. **NOTE**: BidCactus is under re-review due to numerous complaints and reviews (see Bid Cactus user reviews below) from bidders. We strongly recommend you read the BidCactus reviews (submitted by people who claim to be customers)  visiting BidCactus or taking part in BidCactus penny auctions! For those interested in more reputable, [...]

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Notice: The community has reported that Beezid is no long operating at this time! Please comment below if you can confirm as well. Beezid is a Canada-based mid-sized penny auction website which has become one of the better known in the USA. After purchasing in 2012, Beezid showed signs of significant growth by [...]

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When it comes to penny auctions, Quibids is the quintessential household name. Quibids' large television advertising budget has helped it to become the most well-know and trafficked penny auction website in the USA, Canada and other major countries around the World. Other penny auction sites which compare in size include DealDash. If you've bid [...]

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