I am going to give you a full review for one of the biggest marketplace for online buying and selling, eBay! Now its not a penny auction site but there are so many listings and items of every type available that your going to think why look anywhere else. I am going to cover as many topics as possible in this post from becoming a first time buyer on eBay to taking your first steps into selling online, there are a variety of ways on eBay to do both buy & sell.

Also our overall thoughts on eBay with list of pros and cons. Keep reading below…

About eBay

  • Website: www.eBay.com

  • Competition: High

  • eBay Coupon Codes: Various coupons available.

  • Free bids at sign-up: bids are always free

  • Other ways to get free bids: bids are always free

  • eBay Address: 2065 Hamilton Ave San Jose, CA 95125-5904

  • Phone number: (800) 322-9266

  • Facebook: facebook.com/ebay/

  • Twitter: twitter.com/eBay

  • BBB Rating: A+

Editor’s eBay Review

There are a lot of things sold on eBay every day from random trinkets to vintage items with such a huge range of categories that there are roughly 1 billion items to buy or bid on. If you do a quick google search you’ll be surprised to see that eBay is one of the largest online vehicle dealership on earth with a passenger vehicle being sold every 90 seconds.

The categories are borderline limitless, so if you wanted start selling your funny shaped potato collection eBay’s the perfect place there’s a category for weird stuff as well. I tried to find the weirdest things and come to find someone selling a piece of bread or another seller with shrunken heads for sale, its both funny and cool because if there was something you just cant find anywhere else eBay is the place.

Just look at this lovely potato..                                                                                    

First Time on eBay? Buy before you sell anything..

Ok so your getting started with eBay, so one thing we really recommend before selling an item on eBay is to become familiar with the whole process by making a purchase first. So start with buying and bidding on a few different listings, there are all types of items available so find something you would regularly buy such as laundry detergent or be like me and get some death wish coffee.

You can simply type into the search bar for whatever you want to find..

One thing we liked about eBay search function is that there are a ton of ways you can customize it and you can look for auctions only or if your just ready to buy there is a buy it now selection as well. Just below the search area you’ll start to see the listings most of the information is right there, things like whether its free shipping or if there is a buy it now price.

Once you become more familiar with how the listings work and look you can start to see how certain listings are more attractive than others. This is because there all sorts of different sellers on eBay and not everyone advertises their products the same way.

Some sellers are really active and the more active you are on eBay, it creates an air of comfort and trust that you are dealing with a good seller or buyer. 

Bidding on an item

Ok we found a pretty good deal and its ending soon take a look below..

I have about 10 minutes to try and win this auction (that’s a lot of k-cups). The cool things I just set the max bid and eBay automatically bids for me, beating the next bidder until my max bid is is no longer the highest offer. Definitely less pressure than you would think !

Here at BestPennyAuctionSites.com we know how intense the final minutes of an auction can be! This seller has a lot of feedback and a great percentage of positive feedback so I’m happy to place a bid.

This is another thing I noticed is that the sellers who have very low reviews or no reviews make you wonder like if your going to get the item or not, which leads us to eBay’s feedback system.

Feedback and stars

It’s a great idea to start communication with the seller when you purchase or win the auction to ensure they send you shipping information for the product. Its great to get shipment tracking information and any questions you may have answered.

From what I notice good sellers are eager to make sure you have a positive experience as their customer. Getting good or bad feedback is make it or break it on eBay!

Keep in mind that it goes both ways so if your a buyer who wins auctions but doesn’t pay for the items the seller can then leave bad feedback about you as a buyer and eBay can ban you. There are multiple point of protection for buyers & sellers if things fail for any reason.

Also Paypal offers excellent protection for buyers & sellers with the resolution center.

eBay shipping and fees

Some of the listings offer free shipping but it really does depend on the seller, a lot of the auctions do have a shipping charges. 

So you decided to be a seller on eBay?

Selling on eBay is a whole course of its own getting up and running with your seller account on eBay can be hard, usually it’s tough deciding deciding on which items to sell. A lot of people get started with just listing random things they have at home they no longer want kind of like a garage sale buy online of course.

First organize all the items and begin to take plenty of pictures make sure you have good light, people tend to stay away from darker images. Just keep in mind when you were shopping for stuff how you felt when you looked at certain picture, some give you more confidence to buy than others. 

To be really profitable on eBay what you have to do is find items which make good profit after all the eBay fees, product expenses, and shipping costs are paid.

Remember sometimes the purchaser can contact you directly immediately after the sale to make sure about shipping times or just ask a question if they are unsure about something.

It is best to speak to the buyer with professionalism since customer service is what helps get you great feedback. Good Luck!



eBay FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the auction website, eBay.com.

How do I know when my item will arrive?2019-01-21T19:41:19+00:00

Sellers often provide tracking immediately after shipping, if not you can contact the seller directly.

Can I pay with my credit card instead of Paypal?2019-01-21T19:39:17+00:00

Paypal is a great way to pay on eBay, it offers a lot of buyer protection. Although some sellers do accept debit and credit cards.

Can I return an item for a refund?2019-01-21T19:37:31+00:00

Due to many different sellers on eBay, best practice is to really look over the listing some sellers don’t offer returns. If the item is damaged or faulty you can return it for a refund.

What is automatic bidding?2019-01-21T19:35:23+00:00

Simple way to bid, just place the highest price your willing to pay and you will beat the top bidder until you max price is reached.

Can I cancel my bid on an item?2019-01-21T19:33:37+00:00

Only in certain situations you can retract your bid if you made a mistake.

If the listing is ending within 12 hours you can retract your most recent bid as long as its within 1 hour since you placed it.

Can I still purchase something without making an account?2019-01-21T19:30:25+00:00

Yes, eBay lets you shop even if you haven’t registered for an account. They do have a few restrictions.

What if I want to cancel an order?2019-01-21T19:28:07+00:00

The only thing you can do is ask the seller to cancel it for you, just be nice about it. They can still leave you feedback.


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