We strongly recommend that all penny auction participants arm themselves with knowledge and some strategies to avoid losing money and missing out on good deals. In this section of the penny auction blog, we’ll review both basic and advanced tips of penny auction bidding.

4 Ways To Put Yourself At An Advantage In Penny Auctions

The trick in any competitive bidding situation is to be at an advantage relative to your competition. In penny auction bidding, the same is true. You Cannot Change The Rules To begin, let's quickly review the things which we cannot change in penny auction bidding. We cannot change the rules which each penny auction website has in place. [...]

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Penny Auction Website Similar to Quibids

Since (nearly) the beginning of the penny auction era, Quibids has been a leader. As we outline in our review of Quibids penny auctions, Quibids has always maintained fair consumer policies, transparency, and most of all, tons of auctions with high-end products. Over time, some users notice that the competition on Quibids.com can be a [...]

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Decoding 3 Years of Penny Auction Reviews

For the past 3 years, we've compiled information, editorial reviews and user reviews of the top penny auction websites. In today's blog post, we'd like to focus on the penny auction reviews which have been submitted by you, our loyal readers. Love 'em or hate them, penny auctions are here to stay and we want [...]

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A Beginners Guide to Penny Auction Bidding

New to penny auctions? For this week's post we're focusing on tips and tricks which for the most part, only beginner penny auction participants can use. First, it's important to understand that penny auctions are keen on one fact- acquiring new bidders is key. This means that it's often the case that new bidders are [...]

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How Quibids Locked Auctions Work

Quibids recently released a new type of auction called "Locked Auctions". Today, we want to review the basics of how Locked Auctions work and then talk about other penny auction websites which offer similar auctions features. What are Lock Auctions (Penny Auctions) on Quibids? On Quibids.com, some auctions become Locked after a certain number of [...]

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HappyBidDay Referrals Now Pay Cash

For years, the most popular penny auction website have offered customer rewards programs which usually go something like this: Refer a friend Your friend spends money You get free bids It's not a bad deal. After all, we all want more bids for less money to improve our ability to be competitive in the penny [...]

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Penny Auctions with Winning Guarantees

Over the past year, we've seen a number of penny auction website implement a winning guarantee of some kind. In general, the penny auction winning guarantee is something offered to ensure (or at least improve the odds-of) a new bidder wins at least 1 auction. From the Penny Auciton's standpoint, this reduces refund requests and [...]

Holiday Shopping on Penny Auction Websites?

Holiday shopping for friends and family need not break the bank. This year, take advantage of all the fabulous deals that penny auctions have to offer. Not only do penny auction sites offer shoppers an opportunity to save a great deal of money, but the auctions are a fun way to shop! We all know [...]

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