Since (nearly) the beginning of the penny auction era, Quibids has been a leader. As we outline in our review of Quibids penny auctions, Quibids has always maintained fair consumer policies, transparency, and most of all, tons of auctions with high-end products. Over time, some users notice that the competition on can be a bit stiff at times. After all, there need to be a lot of bidders bidding when high-end items go to auctions.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of penny auctions which are similar to Quibids in a number of ways.

Similar Penny Auctions to Auctions

While much smaller than Quibids, HappyBidDay has been around almost as long and boasts some of the same/similar features as does Quibids.

  • Products: Quibds and HappyBidDay offer similar auctions, just different quantities. Both websites offer both high-end and low-end products including lots of gift cards. Quibids, however, does much more volume so there’s more to choose from at any one time.
  • Buy It Auctions: Ability to purchase lost auctions just like Quibids and recieve some kind of credit. Buy It works differently for each website though. With Quibids, buying a lost auction allows you to apply the monetary value of your bids toward the purchase price. On HappyBidDay, you simply get your bids refunded and have to pay full price for the item.
  • Choose One Auctions: Both HappyBidDay and Quibids offer auctions where the use is actually bidding on a “bucket” of products. That is, the winner can choose from several different items. This is a great feature.

You can learn more about HappyBidDay by reading our review of that penny auction website. Auctions

Dealdash is more similar in size and scope to than is other penny auction website. DealDash has been a major international player in the penny auction industry from the beginning. From what we can tell, DealDash does more volume and variety in terms of products than does Quibids.

Another similarity between Quibids and DealDash is that both are extremely customer friendly and generally have good reviews. If users pay attention to the “best practices, there’s really not much risk in bidding on either website as long as you’re willing to buy the auction item when you loose.

Other Penny Auctions Similar to Quibids

Generally, penny auctions today offer many of the same features as one another. While their implementation of different features varies a bit, the idea is the same. We continue to feel that Quibids is one of the lowest risk penny auctions but trying other penny auctions can yield different results for different bidding styles.

What’s your favorite penny auction and why? (comment below)