For years, the most popular penny auction website have offered customer rewards programs which usually go something like this:

  1. Refer a friend
  2. Your friend spends money
  3. You get free bids

It’s not a bad deal. After all, we all want more bids for less money to improve our ability to be competitive in the penny auction space.

HappyBidDay is Raising the Bar

We recently noticed a new page on the HappyBidDay website which promotes the new rewards program. In the new program, HappyBidDay is giving customers $30 for referring a friend who purchases a bid package! In addition to your commission, you friend will get an extra 200 bids. To say the least, we’ve never seen this before and anticipate that a lot of active HappyBidDay bidders will take part in the program.

How it Works

  1. Refer a friend
  2. Your friend buys a bid package
  3. You get $30
  4. Your friend gets 200 extra bids

How can you take advantage?

Well, first you have to sign-up for HappyBidDay. Once you do that, head over to the rewards section of their website to get your link for referring friends.

Have you taken part in HappyBidDay’s new referral program? If so, comment below and let us know how it went.

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In case you haven’t read our detailed HappyBidDay review, here are some other features we like about HappyBidDay auctions:

  • Buy it Auctions
  • Guaranteed first win
  • Good balance between the # of penny auctions and the amount of competition
  • Plenty of chances to win free bids,
  • Fast shipping
  • Responsive customer service