For the past 3 years, we’ve compiled information, editorial reviews and user reviews of the top penny auction websites. In today’s blog post, we’d like to focus on the penny auction reviews which have been submitted by you, our loyal readers. Love ’em or hate them, penny auctions are here to stay and we want bidders to be informed!

In a Nutshell

In short, user-submitted penny auction reviews tend to be quite polar. Users either had a great experience or terrible experience. It’s apparent with each review whether the bidder won or lost and the outcome affected the review. Those who wrote bad reviews though, tend to call penny auctions “scams“.

It’s clear in many cases that these penny auction bidders had different expectations than the principals which we believe are important. The industry “hype” is likely to blame as penny auction TV commercials often promise the World without providing the details and risks involved in penny auction bidding.

Penny Auction User Reviews Reviews

Quibids is a very large and well-established website. Over the years, we’ve collected reviews and here are the pros and cons:

Unhappy Quibids Customers Say:

  • “Very difficult to profit from bidding”
  • “Free delivery does not apply if you live outside the US”

Happy Quibids Customers Say

  • “Quibids has pretty fair auctions”

Happybidday Reviews is currently one of top ranked penny auction websites. Over the years, we’ve collected reviews and here are the pros and cons:

Happy Customers Say

  • “The site is easy to understand”
  • “I think the competition isn’t bad”

Unhappy Customers Say

  • “HappyBidDay doesn’t need shills or bots, they use new members to bid everything up.” (referring to 24 hour bottomless bids) Reviews

Beezid is a penny auction website which has been around for many years. It appears that Beezid is smaller than DealDash and Quibids, although equally well-established. Sadly, over the years, not too many users have commented on Beezid on this website.

As this penny auction review blog grows, we look forward to providing updates on each penny auction as actual bidders submit their reviews.