HappyBidDay is and has been one of our favorite online penny auction sites for many years. This penny auctions has managed to balance “fair” competition and also stay in business, which is suprisingly rare in the penny auction business. For today’s post, we want to focus on a few bidding tips which may help you bid more efficiently in HappyBidDay Auctions.

Bidding Tips on HappyBidDay.com

For our bidding tips, we’re going to focus on a few auction features which HappyBidDay has and how these can be used to your advantage,

Buy It Auctions

  • Who can use this strategy: Anyone who has bought bids from HappyBidDay.
  • What they are: Auctions where all bidders can get their bids replenished if used during the auction and the bidder did not win.
  • How to use them: If you plan to purchase an item anywhere (on Amazon, Walmart.com or wherever you like to shop), consider bidding for it first. If you do this, you’ll have a shot at winning and saving big. If you lose (as most will), you can simply purchase the item from HappyBidDay and get all those bids back, no harm to you.

Rookie Auctions

  • Who can use this strategy: New bidders only (you can’t have ever won an auction on HappyBidDau)
  • What they are: Rookie Auctions are auctions reserved for new HappyBidDay bidders who have not yet won. These were created to help new bidders get the hang of the auctions and to get their first win.
  • How to use them: Simple. Go to happybidday, sign-up and got straight to the Rookie auctions. Do not pass go and do not get tempted to plan in other auctions. Save your bids for the Rookie auctions and you’re very likely to pick up a win. To find the Rookie auctions, look for this symbol on HappyBidDay.


Starter Auctions

  • Who can use this strategy: Any HappyBidDay player with bids in hand and who has fewer than 25 auction wins.
  • What they are: Starter Auctions are a type of auction which prevents the power bidders from participating. Since only users with fewer than 25 wins can play, the chances of a new bidder being able to win are much higher.
  • How to use them: Once you’ve picked up your first HappyBidDay win from a Rookie Auction (see the previous tip), head over to the Starter Auctions and stay there until you exhaust your 25 wins. The competition is less, the bidders are less-experienced and the products offered for these auction types are actually pretty good.


Emails and Facebook

  • Who can use this strategy: All HappyBidDay.com bidders.
  • What is it: HappyBidDay gives away a lot of bonus and penny auction bids on a regular basis.
  • How to use them: To win any penny auctions, you’re going to need to purchase bids of some kind. However, you can save a bit of coin on HappyBidDay if you actually open emails and drop in to visit their facebook page regularly. On a weekly basis, we see HappyBidDay giving away free bids just for logging-in to the website. HappyBidDay always announces these deals through email and/or facebook. Here is their facebook page and you can sign up for the newsletter by going here and signing up for an account.

Be Cautious on HappyBidDay

We like HappyBidDay, just not all of it. Don’t waste your bids doing any of these:

Snappy Auctions

  • Who should participate: Only your worst enemy.
  • What they are: Snappy Aucitons are an auction format where instead of each bid costing 1 bid, it actually costs you 3.  As a result, you burn bids like a cheech-and-chong burn, well, you know…
  • What to do: Pack up your belongings and run from this auction format. And make it snappy… Not much more to say.

Bids Back Auctions

  • Who should use this strategy: Hard to say.
  • What they are: Bids Back Auctions are an auction format where the winner gets a % of their bids back if they win. The net effect is that bidders bid more aggressively to win because they want or need the bid refund.
  • What to do: Be cautious as bidding can get out of control. Fortunately though, HappyBidDay only gives back a small % of bids so bidders don’t seem to go too crazy with it.

We hope this guide helps. Please comment below with your thoughts and experiences when bidding on HappyBidDay.com. Want to try HappyBidDay.com? Click here. Or, read our full Happy Bid Day review.