Penny Auction Strategy

We strongly recommend that all penny auction participants arm themselves with knowledge and some strategies to avoid losing money and missing out on good deals. In this section of the penny auction blog, we’ll review both basic and advanced tips of penny auction bidding.

Penny Auction Auto-bidding Tools

Let’s face-it, penny auctions can last a long time. And sometimes, they can last a really looooonnng time. For many bidders, auction running time is the determining factor between whether they win or lose. Let’s say you get started on an iPad penny auction at about 7pm. As midnight approaches, the auction is still running [...]

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The one mistake which every new bidder makes

Let’s kick off today's discussion by talking about the mistake which every single new penny auction bidder makes- going for the gold. Basically, every bidder (including the authors of this guide) is duped into bidding on high-end products when they first start bidding in penny auctions. You see, the penny auctions are notorious for ‘selling [...]

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Nobody likes a spoiler except the spoiler

In penny auction bidding, the "spoiler" is the bidder who enters an auction late in the game and takes the prize. Spoilers often refrain from bidding in all new auctions, focusing 100% of their bidding efforts on long-running auctions in the hopes that bidder fatigue will cause them to pick up an easy win. How [...]

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Best Time for Bidding on Quibids?

In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of timing your bidding on penny auctions. When it comes to bidding on Quibids, we recommend the same general strategy. In short- the best time to bid on Quibids is when there is the lowest ratio of bidders to auctions. Since is such a large penny [...]

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Best Penny Auctions for Free Bids

Which are the best penny auctions for free bids? That is, which penny auctions are the most gracious when it comes to dulling out free bids? First, let's talk about why there's no such thing as 'free', especially in the competitive world of penny auction bidding. While many sites give out free bids in one [...]

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Best Beginner Penny Auction Websites

What are the best penny auctions for beginners? If you haven't bid often or at all in online auctions, this post is for you! Bidding on penny auctions online are a fun style of online shopping but as a beginner, you're at a disadvantage. Here's why- Experienced bidders know when and what to [...]

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Intimidating the Competition

Penny auction intimidation, also known as power-bidding, is a tactic when is used and mis-used all the time. Bullies who partake in this strategy are often blamed for driving prices up and ruining the experienced for other bidders. What is penny auction power bidding? Power bidding is a penny auction bidding technique where the bidder [...]

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