Penny Auction Strategy

We strongly recommend that all penny auction participants arm themselves with knowledge and some strategies to avoid losing money and missing out on good deals. In this section of the penny auction blog, we’ll review both basic and advanced tips of penny auction bidding.

Start Small, Develop Strategy

The biggest appeal to penny auctions is the fact that you can possible win extremely expensive items for pennies on the dollar! This, unfortunately, is also the biggest mistake. While the high-end products have the greatest curb-appeal, they also come with the most risk and competition. Oh, and they also come with the fewest wins. [...]

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Cheap Bids Mean Spending Power

All other things equal, the price you pay for each bid in your bid account is the single most important factor when bidding on penny auctions. Why? The less you pay per bid, the more bids you can spend and still have the same invested as other bidders. Let’s assume that you spend $100 for [...]

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