Here at Bestpennyauctionsites we are constantly researching and reviewing in order to find you the best penny auction websites. We are in 2019 and it looks like penny auctions are alive and well. In the penny auctions space, there are a few websites who have been around for quite some time and are really well known. There are also others that have not been around as long or possibly no longer exist.

To help with this In the following post we will cover with you the top penny auctions for 2019 that are active and running plenty of auctions.

Try DealDash
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DealDash has been around for quite some time, founded in 2009 it is one of the longest-running penny auctions. This would make DealDash old reliable! DealDash is great with plenty of auctions and categories available. A great variety of products make penny auctions that much more fun, DealDash includes items in categories such as tv’s, tablets, gift cards, tools, and fitness.

Shipping is always free with DealDash and they only ship to the US but they do not include Hawaii and Alaska. DealDash has been one of the top penny auctions for years and that’s why we include it as a top 2019 penny auction.

Try QuiBids
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Quibids started in 2009 around the same time as DealDash and is definitely one of the older players in the penny auctions space. Early on Quibids was on every other tv commercial making it a pretty familiar name, possibly even a household name nowadays. They have a great set of customer guarantees, including that all items are always new, and customer service available 7 days a week.

Quibids has a pretty cool game section where you can actually win free bids for playing games right inside of always offer free shipping on all options and again no international shipping they only ship within the United States, not including HI & AK.

Try Orangebidz
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Orangebidz was one of the smaller penny auction websites back in the day, but now they’ve become a full-fledged. They are still offering free shipping on all auctions, with a great variety of products including gift cards, household items, and electronics. Orangebidz does offer an auto-bidding tool and also special events where you can win extra bids prizes or other items.

Orangebidz still has a unique feature called Amazon exchange. Where you can exchange your auction for a product for an Amazon credit worth the value of the product listed in the auction. Again they only ship within the United States they do not ship to Hawaii Alaska or International.

Try WellBid
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WellBids still has plenty of active auctions and is doing well! They are one of the only penny auction sites on this list that does provide international shipping. The only downside is that you are competing against people around the world so the competition is much greater than the typical US only websites. WellBids offer many auctions in a variety of categories such as cell phones, computers, and health and beauty.

They have a system where you can set up auto bidding and do you do have to pay for shipping for auctions you win.

Try CentBids
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CentBids is one of the newest websites we’ve been able to find in the penny auction space. It looks like a great penny auction websites with fun graphics and plenty of auctions running all the time. They have a few categories from computers and electronics to kitchen and home, a great thing about CentBids is that they offer free shipping on all auctions.

They have multiple websites where you can bid in different countries, so if you’re not in the United States you might be able to find your country and compete in auctions. They are very privacy concern and provide a very interesting privacy policy of “Zero Data-Delete All”