Best Canadian Penny Auction Sites

canada-penny-auctionIn looking through our website’s analytics, we noticed there are a number of visitors each day who are interested in Penny Auctions that ship to Canada. In the past, most of our content has been geared toward penny auction bidders in the USA. Well, this one is for our friends to the North.

From our research, about half of the major USA penny auctions allow Canadian bidders and will ship to Canada. Included in this list is Quibids, Beezid (they are actually from Canada), BidCactus, Zbiddy and HappyBidday. Our friends from the Canada Penny Auction blog have shared a quick list of Canada penny auction shipping policies with us.

Auction Ships to Canada?
Shipping prices
quibids-logo150 Yes, all auctions. Free shipping to Canada! Review
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beezid-logo150x50 Yes, all auctions. Shipping prices to the USA and Canada are the same. Review
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happybidday-logo150 Yes, all auctions. Charges a small premium for Canadian shipping. Review
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zbiddy-logo150 Yes, all auctions. Charges a hefty premium to Ship to Canada Review
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There are a number of other penny auction website which operate ONLY in Canada. We’re researching these and will report back when we know more about them.

Are you a Canadian bidder? What are your experiences with shipping from penny auction websites?

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