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Notice: The community has reported that MadBid is no long operating in the USA at this time! Please comment below if you can confirm as well. has taken the penny auction industry by storm. While we see a lot of no-name penny auctions come-and-go, MadBid caught us by surprise and has grown to running penny auctions in the USA and Worldwide.

About MadBid

Competition Level: Low to Medium
Madbid coupon codes: None at this time
Free bids at sign-up: 0
Other ways to get free bids: Daily Activity Credits. Free bids for logging in daily.
Madbid Address: 66 Wilton Rd
Victoria, London, SW1V 1DE
Phone Number: 888-285-2646
BBB Rating: NA


MadBid Review

As we mentioned, Madbid has come out of nowhere to become one of the larger penny auction website. While MadBid is not as large as Quibids of DealDash, it does have a lot of similarities to HappyBidDay and other similar-sized penny auctions.

Madbid Auction Features

  • Credits: Madbid’s terminology for ‘bids’.
  • Earned Discounts: Madbid uses the term ‘earned discounts’ to describe the fact that lost auction credits (bids placed without a win) can be ‘cashed in’ toward items in their ‘Earned Discount Shop’.
  • Auto Top-Up Credits: Madbid feature where they automatically add credits (bd packages) to your account when your account gets below a certain amount (optional)
  • Auto bid: Similar to other penny auction websites, auto-bid allows you to set rules which the system will follow to bid on your behalf.
  • Auction Win Limits: Win limits are in place on MadBid like many other sites.

Common Madbid Auctions

  • High-end electronics
  • Gaming systems
  • Gift cards (There are always a TON of gift cards up for auction on this site)
  • SLR cameras
  • Jewelry
  • Home entertaiment
  • Household items, including small appliances like toasters, etc.
  • Fashion items
  • Digital cameras
  • Different types of Ipods, headphones, and other personal electronics
  • High auction volume!

Madbid Shipping and Fees

For the most part, MadBid does not offer free shipping (aside from periodic special offers). Auction shipping costs are clearly labeled on each auction page under ‘Auction Information’.

madbid shipping

Is MadBid A Scam?

Madbid, like many other penny auctions, has a variety of mixed online reviews. We feel that their policies are clearly stated and have no reason to believe them to be a scam. Read consumer reviews at the bottom of this page.

MadBid Pros and Cons

Pros… Earned discounts, great product selection, stability (they are established and unlikely to disappear as do some small penny auctions).

Cons… Shipping costs are a bit on the high side.

Click to try Madbid.

Madbid FAQs

What are Madbid Credits?

Credits are the term which Madbid uses to describe what other penny auction websites call “Bids”. Each credit allows you to bid on an auction.

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Does offer auto-bidding software?

Yes, Madbid has an auto-bidding feature like many other penny auctions. The bidder determines the parameters for bidding and the software takes care of the rest.

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What are Auto Top-Up Credits?

MadBid has a somewhat dangerous feature, lol, where they will automatically add credits to your account (and bill your CC on file for it) when you deplete them. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword but we can see how it’s easy to spend a lot of money on this site with this feature.

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Where Does Madbid Operate and Ship To?

At the time of this post, Madbid is operating in and ships to the USA, United Kingdom (excluding the Channel Islands), the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Canada (excluding the province of Alberta), Poland, The Netherlands and Australia.

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Website no longer exists.

Just a quick message to let everyone know that this website no longer exists.

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