Best Penny Auctions for Beginners

What are the best penny auctions for beginners?

To determine the best penny auctions for beginners, we look at a number of criteria:

Penny auction size

Yeuuup, size matters. Very large and very small penny auctions tend to be troublesome for new bidders. Large penny auction websites (aka DealDash) tend to be insanely competitive and distracting for new bidders. Time and time again, new bidders will participate in these auctions and will do one of two things.

  1. They’ll spread their bids among too many auctions at once. Since the bigger penny auctions tend to have lots of auctions running, it’s easy for new bidders to spread their bidding power too far, making it very hard to win any one auction.
  2. Competition on the large sites tends to be too much for new bidders. TV ads and hefty marketing campaigns make these penny auction sites very crowded.

The only exception to the rule is Quibids because we’ve always found that new bidders tend to win their first auction very easily. We’re not exactly sure whay (but have suspicions). We do recommend that new bidders jump in to Quibids auctions for a win or two, but winning future auctions seems to get much more difficult.

Penny auction competition

The other side of the equation is competition. New penny auction bidders should avoid high-competitive penny auctions as well as penny auctions known to support power bidding (aggressive bidding). In general, the bigger penny auction website have higher competition, and the smallest tend to have power bidding problems. We recommend mid-sized penny auctions such as HappyBidDay and BidCactus to find less competition.

As bad as it may sound, penny auctions with poor product selection also tend to attract the fewest bidders. If you can find a penny auction with low selection, but still products you’re interested-in, it may be a good fit. Again, we always recommend that beginners start small so don’t fret if an auction doesn’t carry the high-end computers, tablets, etc.

Beginner Auctions

Some penny auction websites offer special auctions reserved for new bidders. The main reason for this is that beginners have trouble competing with more-experienced bidders. The beginner auctions provide ‘training wheels’ for new bidders who learning the ropes, developing strategies, etc. in penny auction bidding. While most penny auctions offer some type of beginner auctions, BidCactus actually provides a few different levels so that bidders can slowly work their way into the more-competitive penny auctions. Other online penny auctions such as Quibids and HappyBidDay go so far as to guarantee your first win (or your money back).

The Best Beginner Penny Auctions

At this time, we’d recommend trying on the following penny auctions if you’re a beginner:

Auction Size Competition Beginner Features
(try it)
Medium Fair Guaranteed first win, Starter Auctions (bidders with zero wins), Rookie Auctions (bidders fewer than 25 wins), Buy It (buy the item and get your bids back)
(try it)
Large Fair Beginner Auctions (only new bidders access), Buy It (buy the item and get your bids back)
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Small-Medium Low Beginner Auctions (fewer than 3 wins), Bid Free Auctions (no bids needed to participate)
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