DealDash is Auctioning a Car Tomorrow?

We're not kidding, and neither is DealDash! Our friends at DealDash are celebrating 10 years and needless to say, they are doing it in style. We've seen a lot of high-ticket penny auctions over the years but this takes the cake. Tomorrow, DealDash is auctioning a 2019 Four Wheel Drive Smart Car. As a special treat, [...]

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You Have to See What DealDash is Auctioning this Week

Happy 10th Birthday DealDash! DealDash is celebrating 10 years of penny auctions this week. What that means for us bidders is this- penny auctions that we've never seen before, period. This includes a jukebox, sauna, arcade machine and, o yeah, a car!!!! Here's the schedule this week. 3/18 (Monday): 2-Person Infrared Sauna 3/19 (Tuesday): Black Charcoal [...]

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Penny Auction Website Similar to Quibids

Since (nearly) the beginning of the penny auction era, Quibids has been a leader. As we outline in our review of Quibids penny auctions, Quibids has always maintained fair consumer policies, transparency, and most of all, tons of auctions with high-end products. Over time, some users notice that the competition on can be a [...]

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Finding DealDash Penny Auction Average Selling Prices

When bidding on penny auctions, we really like to know the average selling price of an item which we plan to bid on. The average selling price really isn’t a great indicator of where an item is going to finish, but it does give us a very basic idea. Example, if an iPad Mini on [...]

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