When bidding on penny auctions, we really like to know the average selling price of an item which we plan to bid on. The average selling price really isn’t a great indicator of where an item is going to finish, but it does give us a very basic idea.

Example, if an iPad Mini on Macbook Pro usually finishes around $215 on DealDash and around $315 on HappyBidDay, we’d probably prefer to bid on the item at Dealdash. Again, it’s not a perfect science but, assuming that each site has auctioned a good # of Macbook Pros (giving us a reasonable sample size), we can assume that it may be more likely to get a better deal at DealDash.

Likewise, when bidding, we may not get in on the DealDash Macbook auction until the early $200s (or even after the average is met). Since there are plenty of auctions on DealDash (yeah, they have tons of auctions), we can be patient and wait for the average to be met to hopefully avoid wasting bids early-on.

Some penny auctions give bidders the average closing price and some do not.

DealDash is a penny auction which publicly posts the average closing price, but there’s one small catch. You can only see the average closing price when you Log Out of your account.

When logged-out, here’s what a penny auction looks like. Note the average closing price.


When you are logged-in to your account and have bids, you do not see this information. Why? We have no clue. We just open a second browser to figure it out. Good luck!