Happy 10th Birthday DealDash!

DealDash is celebrating 10 years of penny auctions this week. What that means for us bidders is this- penny auctions that we’ve never seen before, period. This includes a jukebox, sauna, arcade machine and, o yeah, a car!!!!

Here’s the schedule this week.

  • 3/18 (Monday): 2-Person Infrared Sauna
  • 3/19 (Tuesday): Black Charcoal Horizontal Smoker
  • 3/20 (Wednesday): Full-size Arcade Machine
  • 3/21 (Thursday): 77-inch Smart UHD 4K TV
  • 3/22: (Friday): Aerial Filming Drone
  • 3/23 (Saturday): Jukebox
  • 3/24 (Sunday): 2019 Four-wheel Drive SUV Car

If you’re a DealDash bidder or thinking of becoming one, there’s really not a more exciting time than now.

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These auctions will be competitive but the prizes are big. Best of luck.

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