Here’s a question about penny auctions which we hear all the time- Which penny auctions offer free shipping?

Well, it so happens that we’ve put together a very simple guide to penny auction and their shipping and processing fees. Bear in mind that all the reputable sites publicly promote their shipping and processing fee on each auction page. We hope this guide makes it easier for you to choose an auction if shipping and processing costs are a concern (and we think they should be!).

DealDash Shipping and Processing Costs

DealDash is a penny auction site which offers absolutely free shipping in the Continental USA on all auctions. We consider it a trade-off from the fact that these auctions tend to be very competitive.

Quibids Shipping and Processing Costs

One thing that we love about Quibids is that shipping is always free (in the continental USA) and processing fees don’t exist! If free shipping is important to you, check out Quibids.

OrangeBidz Shipping and Processing Costs

OrangeBidz is the unicorn of penny auctions! Not only is it a fairly small/lower competition penny auction, it also has free shipping on everything in the Continental USA. Read the entire review here if you want to learn more about this site.

HappyBidDay Shipping and Processing Costs

HappyBidDay’s shipping and processing costs are on the high-side and can be found at the bottom of every auction page. They look like this:

HappyBidDay’s shipping and processing costs vary greatly by product but free shipping is not typical in their auctions. We occasionally see free shipping offers from HappyBidDay so we recommend getting on their mailing list to keep an eye out for them.

Beezid Shipping and Processing Costs

Beezid is pretty large and still charge for shipping. For years we’ve hoped that they’d follow-suite with other big penny auctions and offer free shipping, to no avail! Shipping costs are listed on the bottom and side of each auction.

We’ll keep an eye on penny auction free shipping deals and will let you know when we see ’em. May the penny auction force be with you!