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We’ve included a list of common questions about penny auctions and penny auction bidding.

HappyBidDay FAQs

Does HappyBidDay offer a buy it feature?

Yes, HappyBidDay.com offers Buy It on almost every auction. HappyBidDay’s Buy It works like this- Let’s say you spend 300 bids on any given TV auction and lose. If you choose to the buy the TV at their listed price, HappyBidDay gives back 100% of the bids which you used on the auctions. This is a pretty good deal as now you can go and start bidding again on other auctions without having to buy bids again.


What are Happy Auctions?

HappyBidDay offers Happy Auctions, a free-to-participate auction type. Basically, they give you tons of ‘Happy’ bids (free) which allow to to participate in their free auctions. In general, they only auction lower-end products and bid packages in these auctions but the winner only has to pay the final closing price.

HappyBidDay recommends that you use Happy Auctions to stock-up on bids for their penny auctions and to win small gift cards and electronics. They are not a bad place to practice either!


How do I get free bids at HappyBidDay?

HappyBidDay offers a number of different ways to get free bids. First, they give you a bunch of Happy Bids (50) when you sign-up. They also give you a pretty heavy discount on your first bid package if you use coupon code HAPPYFREE.

Others ways to get free bids on Happy Bid Day

  • We follow HappyBidDay on their facebook page and they are always running promos and contests for free bids as well.
  • Many auctions come with free bids if you win (this helps keep you in the game)
  • Referring a friend gets you free bids

Stay tuned to the blog for other ways to get free bids on HappyBidDay.


Does HappyBidDay offer auto-bidding?

Auto-bidding on HappyBidDay

happybidday-autobidBidRunner is the name of HappyBidDay’s auto-bid tool. BidRunner starts when a user enters in a ‘bid from’ (the price at which it will turn on) amount, a ‘bid to’ (the price at which it will turn off) amount and the total number of bids to be spent.

  • When it bids: Randomly during the final few seconds
  • How many bids can it place per campaign: Up to 400 bids
  • How many can be set simultaneously: 1 per auction, 2 at any one time
  • Can it be deactivated? No. Once it’s started, it cannot be stopped
  • Restrictions: New customers cannot set more than 50 bids at a time
  • Try BidRunner


How does HappyBidDay.com’s Buy It feature work?

HappyBidday offers Buy It auctions where auction losers can get all their lost bids (for a given auction) replenished if they choose to pay for the item at retail value.


Where can I find HappyBidDay Reviews?

First, there is a slideshare presentation of this HappyBidDay Review here:

Next, there is a Youtube Video review of happybidday available as well:


What are Happybidday Reserve Auctions?

Happy Bid Day now offers a new kind of auction, reserve auctions. Beezid.com has done something similar in the past so we wanted to take a close look at what these new auctions mean for HappyBidDay bidders.

First, here are the bullet points on Happybidday.com’s Reserve Auctions:

  • Auction requires that a hidden reserve be met in order for the auction to continue
  • Once the reserve price is met, a notification appears to let bidders know
  • If the reserve is not met, all bids are returned PLUS 10%! That’s right, you get a 10% reward if the auction does not reach its reserve!
  • If the reserve is met, all bidders (winners and losers) get 20% of their bids back.
  • Auction items are typically high end, expensive items

When we first saw reserve auctions, we were concerned but there is real value in these auctions.