happybidday-march-madnessHappyBidDay kicks off March Madness this week with their annual March Madness bidding events which take place from March 16th to March 28th.

So what’s it all about?

  • Discounted bid packages throughout the event
  • Sweet 16 Started Auction – Starter auctions are HappyBidDay’s beginner only auctions. While they usually include lower-ticket items, HappyBidDay is upping the ante on these auctions. Great for new bidders!
  • Free Bids – Log in throughout the celebration for free bids, just for being a member.
  • Rebound Rally – Winners get 25% of their bids back on select auctions and days.
  • No foul, you’re a champ – More VIB auctions, happybidday’s ‘no jumper’ auctions where you gotta get in early or not at all.
  • Capped auctions – More capped auctions
  • Free shipping! Well, on some items on the 28th.

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