The Internet offers an array of auction types to choose from. View recent reviews from popular online auctions websites which each have their own angle, specialty, etc. While some of these are similar to Ebay (one of the most popular online auctions), many have unique twists which make participation fun. Review is not a penny auction website. It's actually a website which provides information on a large number of government auctions. Why join? The government and other organizations often hold public auctions of assets which they have acquired through various means. In some cases, items are confiscated during arrests. In others, items are confiscated when [...]

BIDZ.COM REVIEW is a California-based auction website which specializes in Jewelery auctions, featuring name brands like Gucci, Chanel, Roberto Coin, Autore, Disney, Chrome Hearts, and many more. While is not a penny auction, the bidding style is very similar so we've decided to include it here. About Website: Competition Level: Medium Bidz coupon [...]

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