BIDZ.COM REVIEW is a California-based auction website which specializes in Jewelery auctions, featuring name brands like Gucci, Chanel, Roberto Coin, Autore, Disney, Chrome Hearts, and many more. While is not a penny auction, the bidding style is very similar so we’ve decided to include it here.


Competition Level: Medium
Bidz coupon codes: Hard to find
Free bids at sign-up: Unlimited
Other ways to get free bids: Bids are free on The winning bidder just pays the final closing price.
Bidz Address:, 2400 Marine Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 -USA
Phone Number: NA
BBB Rating: A+

bidzcom-review Review is an alternative to penny auction bidding. The auction format of is what most people would consider a “normal” auction. In short, bidders do not have to pay for bids, they only pay the final auction price + shipping on If you’re a penny auction bidders who has been down on luck latey, may be a good alternative. Auction Features

  • Bidz auctions are free to take part-in (there is no per-bid fee)
  • The auction timer counts down towards 0:00. In the last 15 seconds, each subsequent bid adds 15 seconds to the timer, allowing others to bid as well (similar to many penny auctions)
  • The final bidder when the timer runs out has to purchase the item for the closing price plus any shipping fees (although shipping is often free)

Common Bidz Auction Items

  • Ring Auctions
  • Watches
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelet Auctions
  • Most other types of jewelry Shipping and Fees does not have any processing fees on its auctions and typically offers free shipping on orders of $59 or more. There are occasional shipping specials as well.

Is a Scam?

We don’t think so. While we’ve read reviews which complain about the shipping times and bidding, we have no reason to believe that is a scam. The BBB rates an A+. Pros and Cons

We definitely like the free bid model of and the fact that some jewelry auctions end pretty low. However, Bidz mostly offers jewelry auctions which makes it less appealing and we don’t see the deals that we do on some penny auctions. Overall, is worth a try.

Click to try and bid free. FAQs

Is a penny auction? is not a penny auction. While promotes huge savings similar to that of penny auctions, bidders are not required to pay for bids on this auction website. The end user only pays the final auction closing price plus an shipping costs (if there are any on that particular item).

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How much do bids cost on

Bids do not cost anything on Bidz is not a penny auction or pay-per-bid auction.

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How much is shipping on Bidz? often offers free shipping on items over $59. Each auction page has shipping details on the auction page. Click the link and a pop-up window will display any shipping charges that apply.

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Average rating:  
 24 reviews
by Elizabeth  R on

I bought a few items in Bidz recently. My order was delivered fast. But one item from the order was not so high quality. So I returned it and received a refund. It took some time. Now I'm happy. But I give you 4 of 5 stars.

by Lisa on
I have never had a problem with Bidz.

I love auctions. There is so exciting to bid. I have won many items in Bidz. All my orders came on time, the items were well packed and impeccable. I have never had a problem with Bidz.

by Javier Coro on

After a month I emailed them requesting information for the shipment. 15 days after that they responded with a "SORRY FOR THE DELAY WILL BE SHIPPED SOON”. After another month, I sent a new mail, once again after 15 days I received the same answer “SORRY FOR THE DELAY, BUT WE HAD A PROBLEM WITH THE SUPPLIER, BUT WILL BE SHIPPING SOON”. So, I requested a refund and the answered that as more than 3 months had pass, they can’t refund the money, so I must ask my bank to refund it. Of course, the bank said that they only refund when the purchase is between the first three months after the purchase. Once again, I emailed them, and I received a “SORRY, WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO CONTACT YOUR BANK”. So, in resume, I will not receive my money back (more than $600.00), they simply stole it. BIDZ.COM ARE THIEVES, DEFRAUDERS, UNSCRUPULOUS, SCAMMERS.

by toronto on .... thieves

I would give it a zero if that was an option. They take your money and many times you never get your purchase. You may be one of the lucky few to get one of your many items your won in months and months time. They won't refund you and their customer service phone number is so full you can't leave a message. They tell you there is a slight delay as their buyers were at a trade show. I wish I never made a purchase with I did so because it was recommended on this site.

by Jeanette Keaton on

Have been ripped off totally by this company, have been trying to get a response from them for over a month. bought two $$$$ watches. i now accept that i have been scammed by them and will never see the watches. will be writing many many reviews. since the company has changed hands the have just been scammers.

by Olivia Wells on

OMG!! This shop is amazing! I bought necklace and got stud earrings for FREE!! They are matching perfectly:) I'm very happy, will buy again soon!

by Rab on

They use to be a good company. Bought a lot of jewelry from them without any problems. Then a few years ago they shut down then reopened. Since then they have been a little shady. Bought a few things. Last thing I bought never shipped. When I contacted them they said it was out of stock from the vendor and asked if I wanted a refund. I said yes and they said ok, just contact your bank and tell them you never received your order and we will cooperate with them so they may go through their process to get your money back. I said why can't you just give me my money back, or give store credit. Sorry we don't do that

by Pat Gililland on
Out of Business?

We have had good luck in the past, but it looks like they're out of business. 2018 must be bad news for them. Nobody answers the phone, they don't return voice mail, they don't respond to emails. We are out several thousand dollars waiting over 3 months for delivery. We got our money back from our bank credit card, but sure would have preferred the merchandise. I had to send them 9 order numbers to follow up on. Seriously? You guys take payments, but can't even track your deliveries?

by Julia W. on
Free shipping and genuine things!

Nice site, and much stuff to grab! And also you can always offer your price. Free shipping, and easy-cruising site. My collection of bags is growing because of Bidz.

by John Ozhegov on
Famous brands and good quality

Participating in the auction, I felt curiosity and I really enjoyed the process. Site is helpful; they give you all details about every item. I participated in Bids three times, and every time I got what I expected. And a necklace for my wife was really marvelous! It was a surprise for her, so she was crying of happiness! I am not good in those trade marks but she said it was qualitive and corresponded with the brand name.

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  1. TATIANA April 24, 2018 at 4:39 am - Reply

    corrupt scammers
    My value judgment is that it’s a scam. I bought a ring with a certificate of quality, where I evaluated the “jeweler specialist” with whom this company cooperates. On the site and in the certificate, the estimated price was $ 21,000. When the ring was bought by me, for $ 3,500, I saw a terrible stone, in three days I was at 5 jewelers who were simply in shock. Each of them gave its price, and it was no higher than $ 850! I could not do the return, because I had to go abroad, on a business trip for 45 days. I think that the prices they put on the site are fictitious, they do not correspond to reality. If you go to the site, take any ring, bracelet, watch and look at their characteristics, then show these characteristics to decent professionals. To not be sued, they sign this fraud in very small print, which is almost invisible: * Appraised values ??are determined by 3rd party appraisal companies. These companies are not affiliated with The appraised value is usually the highest retail value for the item. does not guarantee the appraised value to be accurate nor the ability to resell based on the appraised value price.
    Thus, they mislead customers, these scammers use other people’s money, since it is difficult to get money returns from them, there are many victims on the websites who have not received any goods or goods.
    More Complaints & Reviews – Scam and fraud! [63] – Corrupt company! [26] – Fraud and cheating [8] – Steer clear of buying from [37] – = Cheap quality and misleading false prices [4] – payment not received – order #s 514864110/514648119/514598100 [1] – order number 513996107 – I have purchased two items, but not able to reach – slows delivery every week

    I have another bad story with this company, not receiving a refund (for canceled order) of money, my second order was a clock of $ -190. I did not get a watch or money. Amanda M. (Customer Experience Specialist) is an automatic robot that responds to the mail, but only once, then you will be completely ignored !!! So this robot-Amanda) promised to return the money in 7-14 days. But, more than 40 days have passed, no money, no response to emails, no opportunity to get through. Completely ignored!
    I think the actions of this company are criminal, buyers mislead, use other people’s money for personal purposes. If anyone has suffered from this company, I propose to unite and apply to the appropriate state structures to protect American citizens from fraud. Since, on the territory of America, unscrupulous people can not do business and invent their own rules of trade and deception.
    Complaints can be made to …

    Culver City Police. They are located at 4040 Duquesne Avenue, Culver City, and their phone number is. (310) 837-1221
    The FBI, IC3.
    Federal Trade Commission.
    Better Business Bureau.
    Securities and Exchange Commission.
    US Department of Commerce.

  2. Anne P April 29, 2018 at 6:17 am - Reply

    The BBB did NOT give Bidz a star rating.. but an “F”. People.. do your homework.. they LIE !!!!

  3. Chad May 22, 2018 at 9:04 pm - Reply

    I made a purchase December 27.2017. Contacted several times leading up to may about the status of my order. Every time a received a generic response stating that the supplier was back ordered and I would receive my order shortly. After submitting another complaint ticket (7 in total) I received a response claiming I needed to dispute the charges with my credit card company for a refund as I was not receiving my order as was not doing business with that supplier any longer. My order was cancelled. I contacted my credit card company to find out it was past the 119 days they allow for a dispute. well no longer respond to my questions. I have lost $500 to
    PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM If you do please be advised you well need to dispute your payment with your credit card company within 119 day.
    Blatant Scam.

  4. Stephanie P August 12, 2018 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    Bidz was great a few years ago but now Bidz is the worse auction company ever. YES, they have an “F” rating from the BBB. I also cannot get the items I won shipped to me. This has happened twice now and I’ve contacted the BBB and getting ready to contact the California Attorney General and an class action attorney if needed.
    The first auction I won I waited for my items. They kept stalling. I finally got store credit. Here’s the bad thing. Once again, I won more auctions in which my store credit was used along with more money out of my pocket. Again, THEY NEVER SHIPPED MY ITEMS. I requested a refund but once agian, they gave me store credit, I did not want store credit. I have been in dispute with them since. They are stealing from the customer. They will not refund your money nor will they ship your items. I have every single email to prove they are scamming the customer. DO NOT SHOP AT BIDZ.COM,

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