Over the past few months, HappyBidDay has made a number of changes, most of which we actually like.

Choose One Auctions


First, HappyBidDay seems to have drastically improve product offering. The new Choose One Auctions are great for bidders as almost every auction comes with a number of prize choices. In general, the winner gets a choice of 3-4 products of similar value so if you don’t like the ‘main’ auction item, you can always swap it for something else.

HappyBidDay Reserve Auctions


Next, let’s talk about the new happybidday Reserve Auctions. This type of auction requires that a hidden reserve be met in order for the auction to continue. Boo hoo, right? Well, not exactly! There are some big benefits which come with this type of auctions. First, if the reserve is not met, all bids are returned PLUS 10%! That’s right, you get a 10% reward if the auction does not reach its reserve! If the reserve is met, all bidders (winners and losers) get 20% of their bids back. On this type of auction, we have mostly seen high-end products which is great too. In all honesty, when we first saw reserve auctions, we were concerned but there is real value in these auctions.

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