Is Out of Business?

In our previous post on Beezid closing its doors, we reported that there were signs that the long-running penny auction appeared to be having some trouble. In seeing that auctions had been paused that that a number of bidders had complained of non-delivery of won auctions, all signs were pointing in the same direction.

Recently, we visited Beezid’s facebook page a noticed the first public statement from Beezid that we’ve seen indicating that there is trouble in paradise for Beezid (and bidders)!


What does this mean for active Beezid bidders?

We’ve yet to see any formal reconciliation plans for Beezid bidders. It’s safe to assume that some bidders are awaiting the delivery of won products while others are likely holding on to Beezid bids. At this time, we’ve not seen any evidence of if and how Beezid plans to make good on owed debts.

Are you an active Beezid bidder? Please comment below if you have anything to add.