How much is an upgraded membership on

The upgraded membership is $7.95 monthly. This is a monthly reoccurring charge which is billed automatically until you cancel your upgrade. Or, you can purchase a one year membership for $39.95. The one year membership is only half the price of paying for a monthly membership for an full year and does not automatically re-bill [...]


Does include Foreclosed properties?

The foreclosure listing is included in upgraded membership. The listing allows you to search through properties by the location of your choice. The listings will include the time and date of the auction if the property is being sold at auction. If not the listing will have the name of the lender or trustee [...]


Are there any buyer limits on

Yes, for First time buyers. reserves the right to impose first-time buyer limits on all users of While the first-time buyer limit is imposed on user, that user shall not be allowed to bid on any auctions, until the first-time buyer limit is removed. The first-time buyer limit is typically removed once the [...]

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