DealDash FAQs

How to sell on Dealdash

Dealdash is not a marketplace where you can sell on. All items on are sold by dealdash at this time. Sorry :-)


DealDash Reviews on Yahoo

Many consumers turn to Yahoo for reviews on DealDash. If you'd like to see Yahoo reviews of Dealdash, please do so. We always recommend reading reviews before bidding.


How much does DealDash really cost?

The cost of participating in penny auctions is comprised of a few things. Cost of bids: How much did you spend on bid packages while bidding? Cost of the closed auction: If you won, how much was the final closing price? Shipping Costs: What were the costs of shipping?


Can I get my bids back if I don’t win on DealDash?

If you do not win an auction, you can get your bids back, by taking advantage of the "Buy It Now" option. For example: If you bid 100 times on a $50 Walmart Gift Card and don't win, you can just buy the item for $50 and get all your bids back for free. You [...]


DealDash Free Bids

Let’s face it. DealDash is the monster penny auction that we all suspect it is. There’s a million things that we love about DealDash (free shipping, no jumper auctions, tons of product, etc.) but there’s also something we don’t! How do you Get Free Bids for DealDash? On sign-up DealDash rarely hooks new bidders up [...]


Sites Like DealDash?

We often get asked the question, “Which penny auctions sites are like DealDash?”. Our answer, Quibids! Why DealDash is Similar to Quibids Quibids offers an extremely high volume of penny auctions daily like DealDash. Quibids is considered as “safe” as DealDash in that shipping is cheap/free, most auctions are ‘buy it’ and their reputation is great [...]


Does Deal dash offer auto-bid software?

Auto-bidding on DealDash BidBuddy is the name of DealDash’s auto-bidding tool. On DealDash, BidBuddy is initiated by entering the number of bids and hitting ‘start’ (no start and stop points are needed). The tool will then place bids for you in the final few seconds of the auction. When it bids: During the last few seconds [...]