Notice: The community has reported that Zbiddy is no long operating in the USA at this time! Please comment below if you can confirm as well.

zbiddy-reviewZbiddy and is a quickly-growing penny auction website which seemed to have come out of nowhere in the past year or so. The recent popularity of this penny auction website forced us to check-it-out and see what all the fuss is about. Please read below to learn more about bidding on Zbiddy. If you have or currently use this site, please contribute a brief Zbiddy review at the bottom of this page.

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About Zbiddy

  • Website:
  • Competition Level: Medium
  • Zbiddy Coupon Codes: BOUNUS 50
  • Free bids at sign-up: 0-140 (depends on bid pack chosen)
  • Other ways to get free bids: Sign-up, zWheel (see below)
  • Zbiddy Address: 427 N. Tatnall St., #67128, Wilmington, DE 19801
  • Phone number: (877) 924-3390
  • Facebook:‎
  • Twitter:

Zbiddy Review

Our experience bidding on Zbiddy began with something they call, “Zbiddy Rookie Edition”. This is basically a set of auctions which only brand new members can take place in and winning is basically a certainty. The catch is that, in order to claim your bounty, you’ll have to purchase a bid package. It seems a little fishy but at the end of the day, we ended up with a good auction win and a pretty good deal on a bid package. We were happy with the deal.

Zbiddy offers a pretty good variety of auctions, similar to BidCactus but not as much as Quibds, Beezid or Dealdash. The variety of products is good as well. Like HappyBidDay, Zbiddy also offers free-to-participate auctions. For free bids on Zbiddy, the ZWheel is the way to go. Spinning the ZWheel is just like spinning the wheel on the Price is Right! Wherever the wheel stops, you’re awarded that number of free bids. Currently, you’re allowed to spin the wheel once each day so it pays to log-in daily to get your Zbiddy free bids.

zbiddy-homepageZBiddy Auction Features

  • Free bids at sign-up
  • Good variety of auctions, medium competition
  • ZWheel for winning free bids daily
  • Free-to-participate auctions and penny auctions
  • Capped auctions which limit the closing price of some auctions
  • Variable auction increase increments (per bid): Most penny auctions increase the final closing price my 1 cent for each bid, Zbiddy seems to have different increments for different types of products

Common Zbiddy auction items

  • Gift cards of all shapes and sizes
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • iPods
  • Kindle Fires, iPads and other tablets computers
  • Large flat screen TVs

Zbiddy Shipping and Fees

Zbiddy charges for shipping on all auctions. The shipping amounts are normal to high compared to other penny auctions websites. Zbiddy does offer returns on many items within 14 days.

Is Zbiddy a scam?

Zbiddy has a good reputation for shipping products in a timely manner and we don’t know of any reports of SCAMs with the exception of typical mis-understandings of penny auction sites.

Zbiddy Pros and Cons

  • Zbiddy Pros: Medium competition, free bids on the ZWheel, good return policy
  • Zbiddy Cons: Not as many auctions as some other penny auctions

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Zbiddy FAQs

What are some tips for bidding on Zbiddy?

Zbiddy provides a number of great tips for beginners. Some of the best are:

  • Be patient and watch each auction and pay attention to bidder behavior (we actually recommend this for all penny auctions!)
  • Keep an eye out for the number of bids you have left. It’s never good to run out as an auction is winding down.
  • Take advantage of getting free bids when signing-up, on facebook, their newsletter and more.

Our Zbiddy review also contains a lot more information on using and winning on Zbiddy.

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Zbiddy free bids?

As with any penny auction, bidders always want to know how to get free bids on Zbiddy. Here are a few ways we know of:

  1. Sign-up and get a free bids with your 1st bid package puchase
  2. Once your a member, follow them on facebook for different promotions
  3. Refer a friend and get free bids
  4. Spin the Zwheel daily for free bids

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Does Zbiddy offer auto-bid software?

Auto-bidding on Zbiddy

zbiddy-autobidEZ-Buddy is the name of Zbiddy’s bidding tool. Simply set a start and stop price range and the number of bids to place and EZ-Buddy takes care of the rest.

  • When it bids: Either randomly or it can wait for 10 seconds on the clock
  • How many bids can it place per campaign: 2-25 per auction
  • How many can be set simultaneously: Any number
  • Can it be deactivated? Yes
  • Restrictions: None
  • Try EZ-Buddy

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How does Zbiddy’s Buy It feature work?

Zbiddy offers Buy It Now penny auctions where auction losers can apply the value of lost bids on any auctions towards purchasing the product for the stated retail value.

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Zbiddy user Ratings and Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by D.King
Did not cruise

I won a cruise and was to go on it. Now I cannot claim it or get a refund.

 by Jean-François Dumont
Website no longer exists.

This website no longer exists.

 by Keiko Cubit

It is run by scam artists. Please everyone investigate before you give them your credit card info. They never return my money back to me. I have repeatedly try to get in touch but no one returned my calls. I chalked this experience as a lesson. They will I believe get their Karma for ripping good honest people off.

 by John Gaskin
Be Patient

Z-biddy is very slow to send you your winning auction items, but they do send them. Anticipate about two months before you receive you win and you will enjoy Zbiddy for gift cards. The magazines, ecards, restaurant prizes and ebooks, are very disappointing. The ebooks are public domain books. The restaurants are only those that participate because they are trying to generate new business (so most are struggling restaurants).

 by 1tradnwilli

I've bid on several items and 3 months later still haven't received any of the merchandise that I've won. I've used their website and texted to the operator there and all they have said is they are waiting for the warehouse to email them as to where my merchandise is. They stated that they were not in the same building as the warehouse. This company moved out of the USA I found out and guess they don't have to ship to us, but just take our money!!! I've emailed several (more than 10) times and still have not received any response. If you look at the item you bid on you pay not only what you paid for your bids $0.60 but you also pay the amount you win it for plus an additional fee called a shipping fee or other type of fee...which can some times make it not worth bidding on. They also put a cap on several of the high priced items....I figured out that on a $400.00 item they made over $20,000.00 on just one item and several others too. They are not fair players like Qibids is and some of the others. I'm still waiting for a response, refund, or merchandise...I think that I just got scammed really good--I have over 2700 bids left...Ouch! They also do not have very much to bid on--nothing but the same things over & over again. If you bid and win you've already gotten scammed!

Shame on me...1tradnwilli (Roger W)

 by Gino liegghio

Do not use this site it is a big scam I lost all my money

 by S.C.
Bad experience

When I signed up and entered my credit card information, they immediately charged my card $99.00. I did not even have a chance to order a smaller bid package. So I emailed them asking for a refund and after 3 days have not had an answer. So I tried to contact someone on instant chat. It took so long to get a reply that I was offline and then had to start over. So I finally found a phone number and called and got someone with a heavy foreign accent with a lot of background noise too. They told me I could not get a refund but they would give me a $100 gas card. But it is not a debit card! I have to pay for the gas and mail in my receipt for reimbursement. So I don't have access to that $100 which I need now, not later. Ugh! Oh, and there are very few items to bid on and the same things just rotate on over and over.

 by Barbara

Still Waiting for Items from Sept.1, 2013

it is Nov 2, 2013.

Whats the problem???????????

I Paid no codes No product. 7 to 10 days more like 7 to weeks maybe MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!

 by Leobids82
Good site

I bid on z biddy mostly for gift cards. After all costs, it end up saving about 25% from face value. Ovelall, i'd recommend it for gift cards. Have lost a bit on the larger ticket items though.