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by Diana on Tophatter
Don't even bother with this site

Chinese junk, period. I bought a couple of items to check it out and they're going into the Goodwill drop box. What may look good in a picture on the site is poorly made and very tacky-looking when you unwrap the package.

There's a reason their prices are so cheap and most items don't have S&H charges. The old saying about if something is too good to be true must have been written in advance for THIS site.

by Sarah cusato on Tophatter

I have had a few problems with the company

by Keith Moat on Tophatter
Cheap Chinese rubbish

I have bought 11 items on Tophatter, 4 have been not as described, utter rubbish and faulty. The other 7 have NOT been good value and were only adequate quality. The first 3 faulty items, I got a refund for, which I thought was very good customer service, however the last item I bought was advertised as "Artic Air" cooler with pictures and description stolen from the original JML one and when it arrived it was a cheap Chinese copy called "Cool down" and it didn't work. There was no power supply, no hole in the top to fill it and the USB socket was missing from the circuit board. They refused to give me a refund on this (£28) unless I sent it back to China at my expense. They put £3 in my Tophatter account to cover this but as I would not be buying anything else this was no good to me. Steer clear of this rip-off website selling cheap Chinese fake copies of goods.

by Jessica Klein on Tophatter
What a scam!

They don't care about customer satisfaction! That buyer protection crap doesn't apply if you never received the item. They don't care! Your out on the cost as well! No poduct and no refund. Your screwed! Amazon and Wish always care! One way or another, they make it right and don't leave their customers with nothing! Absolutely the worst company ever! Buyer protection my ass!

by Martin Packer on Tophatter
Handicapped Senior Sellef Banned for Complaining about Cuxtomer Service Treatment

I wou ld give zero stars if i could

My handicapped dad was a frequent buy on the site so decided to try selling

From the first day he was attacked by an overzealous customer service rep that was also clueless.

He was offered $100 Scheduling credit if he followed 4 rules, which he did very quickly, the CS rep denied what he did and even when he showed documentation the rep still gave him a hard time.

Then after Tophatter sold items that he had on hold, all to the same person at the same address which dad fulfilled anyway, shipping all 4 items together, dad bough the shipping label from Tophatter, but for s9me reason 3 items said in transit and the 4rh said waiting to ship. Mid you, they all went to the same tracking number.

This CS rep, told dad that he had to ship the customer a 5th piece at no charge or refund her purchase.

Again, dad showed documentation that he fulfilled all 4 items and 10 minutes later was banned from selling!

When he asked why, they said he wasn't enjoying selling. The opposite is true b3cuase the before being banned began, I LOVE SHIPPING ON TOPHATTER.

Then they told him he hadn't sold enough to make it worthwhile for HIM. He sold over $700 and about 50 order in the 10 days that they allowed him to sell. Not bad for an 65-year-old stroke survivor!

He loved selling on the site, but because he complained about a mean, over zealous, nasty Customer Service Rep, he was banned from selling.

He even tried to apologize to this terrible person but to no avail. They refuse to respond to him.

These people are the worst examples or the Cancel Culture.

by Greta Miller on Tophatter
some improvement

I'm enjoying Tophatter, but there is some improvement needed. A lot of times, the picture and/or the description is misleading. Like a picture of 120 gel pens and then the description says 48 pens. This is like bating. which I am sure you have heard of. My partner has had to return items several times because of this.

by Walter Gannon on Tophatter
Lots of fun

My wife and I love Tophatter. We set our limit and then we see what we an get. Out of the 50+ things we have gotten only two were not right and Tophatter fixed it fast. Don't be afraid, go for it. Its fast and fun. Having a paypal accont is a good and easy way to pay.

by Michael on Tophatter
Good and Bad

For the most part, most item are what they are pictured and described to be. I have had a few that where not what was being depicted by seller. Tophatter has resolved most issues I have had with merchandise. I know some issues from me not reading all the details from seller, but there has been a few that several people seemed to have been misled as to exactly what was being sold. Top Hatter is pretty much what it appears to be, inexpensive mostly Chinese knockoffs of well known items. For the prices paid for most items, you do get your moneys worth. For people who do not want to pay the outrages prices , for the original products, these are good alternatives. I am happy with most of my purchases.. Just remember, you are not going to get a $5000 product for $1, These are what they are mainly cheap knockoffs.

by Shirley Williams on Tophatter
Product not working

I have received 2 items that were defected

That was the watch -over heating and the ear buds- not holding a charge

by John Deaton on Tophatter
My experience

Your not getting a winner everytime. But, dont describe an item to be this way, and send something different. Maybe someone should keep a closer eye on what the seller is pushing, and whats really being delivered. Horace and his comic book sells would be a good place to start.