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by JR Mannikko on Tophatter
Sketchy Site

I WON & ordered 2 Items. One has Not Arrived afteer almost 2 Months & the Other was a Tablet for $55. It Arrived BROKEN with No Return Address on lt Chinese characters. Complained & onlygot it was My Fault for not sending it Back as a Return. There is No Return Label. Then They sent an Email with a Return Address in Email. I Told Them I Do NOT have a Printer & Need a Label. No More responses. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Still trying to get a Label , A Good Working Tablet or My MONEY BACK

by Jeff on Tophatter
Sellers beware

Sellers beware. There is reason its free to bid for bidders. They don't show you fees until they run them up and then hit you with the bill. I lost 1000 dollars to them within months.

by Geovanny M Diez on Tophatter


Android Full Screen 4G Snapdragon 835 2160x1080 pixels 128G RAM+8G ROM 8-Core Smartphone Type_C Charger Cable

by Peter carrington on Tophatter
Fake Gold Chains

Have bought 12 chains and have received 3 so far they were all advertised with the stamp markings and description of what they are, but on arrival and inspection and conformation from a jewelry store they are FAKE l am very annoyed as these are gifts for friends and family l am currently in contact with there help centre regarding these concerns.

by Louise on Tophatter
I like it

I have ordered many items from TopHatter. Not only is it fun to bid, most of the items were exactly as described. Only once did I order a ring, which looked small on the site, only to receive it and find it was the largest ring I have ever seen. No one would have been able to wear that ring. They gave me a refund. Another time the tracking said my package was delivered but it wasn't. I couldn't get a refund because it supposedly was delivered. They are easy to work with. And, it's fun.

by Ann Johnston on Tophatter
Keep your money

Total waste of time and money! Waited a week for

Cheap and nasty items, to be told no return at

least poundland accepts returns

by stuart yeager on Tophatter

BEware scam never received product,

by Joseph Sweeney on Tophatter
Buyer Beware

I have been purchasing items from Tophatter for several years. When I accept their Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers, the sellers don't include both items. You have to take a picture and send it along with the package tracking to prove it. A few days, I saw that an order in the amount of almost $70 was charged to my card for Fahreinheit Cologne for 5 pieces (boxes of 1.5 oz). I checked the tracking # and it showed the package had been placed in my locked mailbox of the apartment complex. No delivery. I contact Tophatter Customer Service, and they said it wasn't there problem, but I'd have to take it up with the USPS. I might as well have just shoved $70 in a complete strangers face to take from me because the end result is the same. They got my money and I got nothing in return. I filed a claim with the USPS and have heard nothing back from them. I was told that Tophatter could have labeled the item as delivered. The Buyer must Beware because all these China companies can take your money, claim the item has been delivered, and walk away with your money. When you contact them to discuss it, only through customer support on line, you get the same old answer, "we're showing it has been delivered, so it's not covered by our "buyer protection." This is a scam. Of course, when I spoke to our postal lady, she claimed, "it had to been delivered." Well, if it wasn't in my mailbox, my mailbox was pried open, and I didn't get it (and got the other things), couldn't it be that you erroneously delivered it somewhere else and clicked it delivered? Of course they aren't going to say that because they probably could get written up for making a mistake. When you order stuff from these companies, you should contact them and tell them you want the package insured by them in case you never get it. This has happened to me before on small ticketed items, but on large items, the customer service should be much better especially in the times of economic uncertainty. Tophatter comes across looking like a callous company (I'm sorry, person since corporations are people too), but they don't have the emotions, rationale, or logic that individuals can possess. Take it from me, save your money!

by Debra Mckenna on Tophatter
Poor customer support

I purchased a fence type dog pen for outside in 2 days my tracking number showed delivered but I didn’t have it I filled out a form. And when I received answer , it put the burden of finding pkg on me. After numerous emails and calls to fed ex. I found out the tracking number had a different name and address again I emailed top hatter only to be told I needed a paper from fed ex giving details of delivery. Very frustrating. I still don’t have merchandise and because the tracking number shows delivered the buyer protection doesn’t apply to this sale. I don’t recommend this site I was very excited to try it out and it was fun till I had to do all the work to find out where my package was and it’s been 10 days, I still have nothing besides emails telling me it was delivered and they need proof it was not delivered to me

by Lynda on Tophatter
Beautiful beaded Peacock picture

Bought the beautiful beaded Peacock picture which showed this large gorgeous Peacock with shiny beads all over. Received a tiny 8 x10 piece of paper with an imprinted peacock with letters on it and a couple bags of thousands of beads that were so tiny that you could barely see them (size of the head of a toothpick). So obviously it is a self serve craft project with NO instructions and No way to even attach the beads. Glue? Too tiny to even pick up! No where in the ad did it say it was a craft project!!! What a RIP OFF!!