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by Jim on Tophatter
Don't do it

Don't bother. There is no point bidding on an auction site if your items never ship. I have been on Tophatter since '17 and I am done. I bid a lot this time of year and it used to be good. First you need to understand that these sellers stretch the truth in their descriptions, lately though they flat out lie. Shipping has become a joke. At least a month unless it's from the U.S. That is IF you get your item. I am getting over 70% of my items refunded for non-delivery. It's good they refund but really, what is the point of bidding just to get your money back two months later? DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

by Evelyn on Tophatter
Top hatter has changed for me

When I first joined top hatter I was pleased with my purchases and now it’s taking longer and loner to get items. Recently more items are showing as delivered to Florida, Utah, Ohio and yesterday 11/16/2020- I had some nice items delivered to Grenada California but I live in Texas. I’m thinking this is Fraudulent activity, I have requested refunds on all merchandise possible, and I’m waiting for pending orders and I’m getting off the site. I think something that I can’t prove is going on. All 3 WiFi routers, 1 to Florida, 2 to Utah, all sports wear to California. I’ve even complained to the BBB. They gave my money back, but what’s really going on and it does not seem that they care to check. I’m advising people to stay away from the site and if not, you’ve been warned. Either a thief is working there and diverting merchandise or the sellers have gotten GREEDY.

by Carole on Tophatter
Some poems and some good.

Shipping time is ridiculous. I have gotten some things that I like, makeup, purses or various bags. I have also gotten total junk, electronics, sling shot. But Tophatter always refunds me with instant credit. I think the auction is fun. But I have gotten way fewer items that I like than I have actually received. I’ve only had to return one item. I haven’t received any Jewelry that I have ordered as of yet. So I feel a lot of frustration with Tophatter.

by Anthony Carrasquillo on Tophatter
Not anymore

I have only received 4 out of my 18 orders from early september. When I message the company i wait up to a week for a reply and it is just what appears to be am automated reply which has nothing to do with my message. I finally had enough and wrote a message full of curse words to see if it was even real people reading and just ignoring my messages and yup. I ended up having my account blocked. Raymond v was trying to teach me a lesson about emailing a company and blocked my account. As if i weren't a customer but a member of some kind of club or something. I would tell everyone to stay away. Besides not getting orders, when they do arrive they often don't match their description. Stick with more reputable companies. I cant imagine they'll be around for much longer. Looks like theyr'e keeping my money since raymond closed my account without any information about how to expect a return of my money...

by Andy uk on Tophatter
Many items

I have purchased many times about (20)from this company and can say that out of these purchases only 5 items are as shown and described,I've returned items too and tracked their return and been delivered but says customer failed to return item in specified time frame which is incorrect as delivered 2 days before due and then return case gets closed and you loose out as customer service don't reply,,also have items being marked as delivered and not and again no reply from customer service,I think with issues of non refund with proof I may involve PayPal

by Richard DiOrio on Tophatter
Mad as heck

Bought 4 items , 3 i received were junk if ask , me . The 4th never received wont answer why and no refund . Going luck with them .

by KH on Tophatter
Better look twice before you buy...

I had mixed results with this site. I received some of my items in a very timely manner - especially the tops and perfume; and they were as described. But I never received ANY of the jewelry I ordered - wish I'd looked closer to see that it almost all came from China. My error for not being observant! Fortunately I wasn't out much. Not worth the hassle; stick with eBay.

by Riah on Tophatter

Tophatter is the biggest scamming website I have ever been on. I have 6 pages of items that I have won and have only received a handful of the items. Some of the items were delivered to a completely different state than which I am in or the items never showed up!! I am so sick of this website. I am getting refunds on everything and taking business elsewhere

by Andrew James on Tophatter
925 silver

i won 4 chains all advertised has 925 silver. Yes the link or tag that said 925 was the rest was a magnetic metal silver plated i guess

by Donna on Tophatter
Late arrivals!!!

This is my first experience with Tophatter. I was excited at first. There were some items that looked decent. The stuff I have received either too small, things I didn’t order and items that haven’t even come yet. Who wants to hang their ornaments a week before Christmas. If they even come before then. The option they give you for how you would like your refund. I click back to me but always goes in the Tophatter account. I don’t want it there. I want my actual money back. Once everything is done, there will be no business from me anymore. I have wasted my money.