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We’ve included a list of common questions about penny auctions and penny auction bidding.

Quibids FAQs

What is Quibids’ buy now feature all about?

Quibids is a penny auction site which offers Buy Now, a feature which allows penny auction losers to apply the value of the bids they lost to the purchase price of an auctions. Here’s how it works- Let’s say you use 300 bids (worth $180) while bidding on an iPad. Even worse, let’s say that you lose!

Quibids allows you to then apply a $180 credit toward buying the iPad, if you choose to do so. This basically makes it less-risky to bid on an auction if you are prepared to purchase the item at retail anyways. Learn more about Quibds.


Are Quibids products brand new?

Yes, according to their help documentation and our bidding experiences, Quibids only auctions brand new, factory-sealed auction items.


How much do Quibids bids cost?

Quibids bids are $0.60 each, almost always. Quibids is the only penny auction website that we know of which sticks very firmly to their bid prices. We rarely see any sort of discount on Quibids bids. In fact, the only way to really save on bids is to win them in auction or to get free bids when signing up.


Does Quibids offer auto-bidding?

Auto-bidding on Quibids

quibids-autobidYes, Bid-O-Matic is the name of Quibids auto bidding software. Bid-O-Matic is started when a user sets a ‘bid from price’ (the price at which it will turn on) and the number of bids to be placed.

  • When it bids: During the final 20 seconds (although you can’t control exactly when)
  • How many bids can it place per campaign: Minimum of 3, maximum of 25
  • How many can be set simultaneously: 1 per auction, as many as you want in total
  • Can it be deactivated? Yes (at any time)
  • Restrictions: Cannot be activated when there are less than 2 seconds on the clock and some auctions don’t allow it at all.
  • Try Bid-O-Matic


How does Quibids’ Buy It feature work?

Quibids offers Buy It penny auctions where auction losers can apply the value of lost bids on any auctions towards purchasing the product for retail value.


Quibids Bidding Tips

Every new bidder should consider these tips when bidding on Quibids auctions:

  1. Quibids Tip 1: Watch several auctions before you start to bid
  2. Quibids Tip 2: Review the “Statistics” tab on your items before entering in an auction. These are loaded with useful information including average closing price, average number of bids to win, etc.
  3. Quibids Tip 3: Bidders earn one extra bid by rating their Gameplay before you claim their win.
  4. Quibids Tip 4: If bidders are hitting the auction heavy, back off, let them spend their bids and then get back in!


Sites Like Quibids?

Which penny auction websites are most like Quibids?

Quibids Competition

There is only one penny auction which rivals Quibids in terms of bidding competition and that’s DealDash. DealDash and Quibids are currently the largest (by far) in terms of active auctions and active users.

Sites with Similar Products as Quibids

HappyBidDay, OrangeBidz, and DealDash all offer a simliar variety of product auctions as does Quibids. While HappyBidDay has many fewer auctions (and users!), they do offer a ‘choose one’ feature which let’s you pick from a variety of similarly-priced products when you win an auction.

Overall, we feel that DealDash is most similar to Quibids due to the size of the site.

Tired of Quibids? Try DealDash!


How Does the Quibids Store Work?


The Quibids store is Quibids’ attempt to become a typical “ecommerce” website. The Quibids store works just like any other online ecommerce website with just one exception- When you purchase something from the Quibids store, you get ‘Voucher bids’ which can be used in Quibids penny auctions.

In our review of the Quibids store, we noticed that the pricing on most items is about the same or slightly higher than other online retailers. We think that the Quibids store is a good fit in case where you want to purchase an item and Quibids pricing is competitive. That way, you can cash in on some free bids for Quibids penny auctions.

What we like about the Quibids Store

  • Competitive prices
  • Free bids (when you purchase)
  • Free shipping

What we don’t like about the quibids store

  • Hmm, sometimes prices are a bit higher than Amazon.com.