Since the dawn of the internet, it has been easier than ever to advertise and sell a product to someone that turns out to not be as good as it promised to be or sign up for a service that over-promises and never delivers. It can be a truly disappointing experience and make it genuinely difficult to trust a product or service that seems “far too good to be true.”

Today, there’s a plethora of platforms where you can leave reviews when you find yourself dissatisfied with your experience with products or services. This can create a skepticism around anyone’s business – for good reason. How can you be sure anything is legitimate?

Is DealDash Legit?

Well, as the internet’s most popular bidding fee auction site, DealDash has had its own share of doubters. It’s only natural, after all, it isn’t often that you see the kinds of savings possible on DealDash (up to 99%), but with a general climate of distrust permeating the internet, how can you be sure it’s as good as we say?

Doubt all you like, but the answer to your questions is simple: DealDash is LEGIT.

We get it – it might sound too good to be true that you can pay $6,449 for a chandelier for only $21, or a new $79 leather phone case for just $1.47. But the proof is in the pudding, and that pudding can save you bank with DealDash!

With DealDash, you can bid on a wide variety of products from appliances to high-end jewelry – all of which is brand new. Unlike other sites such as Ebay, DealDash works with warehouse overstock and directly with brands to ensure all products are brand new.

So, is DealDash legit? Really?

How does it work?

It’s quite simple. Each bid on a product on DealDash raises the price by only 1 cent, and each auction is timed for just 10 seconds. Every time someone makes a 1 cent bid, another 10 seconds is added to the time. Once the last bid is entered and that timer strikes zero, the last bidder wins the auction, no matter how low the price is. That means you can win the auction for an item priced at $1,000 for as little as 1 cent. Not to mention shipping is always free!

But how can DealDash afford that? Surely they’d be losing money, right? Well, DealDash can afford to sell off brand new products at such low prices by selling bids. Each bid is worth 20 cents, but these bids regularly go on sale for as little as $0.12-0.15 each. You can even earn them for free through various site wide promotions. Even if you don’t win the auction, you’re not losing out on the price of the product, as you can use the “Buy it now and get you bids back” feature to buy the product at the listed price, and get the bids returned to your account!

Oh, but if you are still upset about the thought of losing your bids, did you know DealDash offers a money back guarantee on your first purchase of a bid pack? That way, you can try the site out without the risk of losing anything on your end.

Real Reviews

DealDash has proven its authenticity through accreditation and positive company reviews from third-party websites, all of which have no reason to lie. However, we have something even better than that, a source even more trustworthy: our very own customers.

Online reviews are a vital part of online commerce. Whether it’s where you’re choosing to eat, what pet food you buy, or where you’ll pick up your kid’s shoes from. Every product or service we consider purchasing will come with platforms offering reviews.

With DealDash, we think the best way to judge whether we’re legit is by looking at the numbers. So let’s crunch them, shall we?

There are 32,000 reviews of DealDash on The Apple App Store with an average rating of 4.3 of 5 stars. You can also see customer-written reviews over on SiteJabber, where DealDash has more than 4,000 reviews with a rating of 4.3 stars. If you check out TrustPilot, which has reviews about DealDash dating all the way back from 2014, with more than 3,000 reviews, 81% of them rating five stars.

If there ever is an issue with one of DealDash’s customers, the customer service team is there to work hard to resolve each issue regardless of the time. That’s right, DealDash is legit, their customer service team provides the best possible support available any time anywhere, 24/7.

DealDash works hard to respond to every customer, no matter the issue, complaint, or how complicated it might be to solve it. These five star SiteJabber reviews are a perfect example of DealDash’s world-class customer service.

Alex U. Wrote:

“I recently won a bidding on DealDash. However, about a week later, the consumer services called me to mention that the product I have won had run out of stock according to their supplier. Despite this, they tried to compensate with various substitutes of a similar value together with a free bid package to make up for their mistake. As the options provided were really good, I chose a different set and it arrived through FedEx in two days which impressed me a lot! Appreciate your services greatly!”

Marty F. Wrote:

“My last three purchases have been knives. They are finely honed and a welcome addition to our cooking utensils. Other items appear overpriced and of unknown origin or made specifically for DealDash. Overall my experience has been very positive. Auctioning off some brand name products would help my decision-making process.”

Carol M. Wrote:

“I have been a member of DealDash since 2012, I have had so much fun! Not much to complain about in all that time, they excel in Customer Service and that means so much. I have had few problems but they were handled to my satisfaction and who could ask for more than that. There are a lot more bidders today than when I first started which makes it more difficult to win but it’s still fun and when I get a little extra money I usually share it with DealDash!”

Customers are able to contact DealDash through multiple channels via email, live chat, or over the phone. DealDash customers don’t need to worry about reaching out to the customer service team and feeling ignored.

Still not convinced that DealDash is hashtag legit? We have some additional DealDash Reviews to help show you just how legit the penny auction site really is:

Disney Wrote:

“I am a DealDash participant (since 2016) and have won some great items. Their customer service is second to none – always quick, reliable, and friendly – and should be the standard other companies look to duplicate. Like anything, don’t spend beyond your means and you’ll have a positive experience.”

Jacob Wrote:

“DealDash is fascinating and one of my favorite hobbies. There are people that have been dashing for just about a decade using the app which shows I’m not the only one enjoying it. The customer service is a+ replying in minutes. Round of applause to the deal dash team! Thank you for all your hard work and efforts it shows. Couldn’t be a happier customer and will continue for years to come.”

Rich Wrote:

“My experience was very positive and quite professional. I downloaded the APP and tried the website for a few days. The offerings and format were not compatible with my interests, so I requested a refund. The Customer Service person was pleasant and helpful. All good.”

Lauri Wrote:

“I bought a bid pack for the 1st time because I wanted to try to win some items on DealDash. I didn’t do very well so I contacted Customer Support and requested a refund for the remaining bids that I hadn’t used yet. Within 2 minutes I had a response telling me they wanted me to be happy with the experience and had already refunded 100%. They then told me they put more bids on my account. It’s rare to find a company to go the extra mile for their customers. DealDash is amazing!”

DealDash answers your most burning questions

The internet is a multi-platform entity that allows you to find the answers to your most burning questions with just a few clicks. However, the internet is also a wealth of information filled with a multitude of opinions from experts, regular people, and even sources with questionable motives.

How can you trust the information you’re receiving about a subject, or more importantly, a company you’re considering giving your business?

Enter DealDash, the popular penny auction website that offers the potential to save up to 99% on even some of the most big-ticket items. You can find savings on products such as cosmetics, phone cases, furniture and even cars.

However, like most things on the internet, people have a lot of questions about the website, ranging from its legitimacy to general inquiries. Today, we’re going to answer some of the most popular questions people have about the penny auction website, DealDash.

What is a bid pack and how does bidding work?

Bids are the currency of DealDash that you place on auctions to win products. In order to participate in auctions, you buy bids in packs. DealDash operates in a “pay-to-play” model so before you can start bidding on products, you need to buy bid packs. As soon as those bids go into your account, you can start bidding. Every time you place a bid on a product, the price is raised by only $0.01, and a ten-second timer is reset. The last person to bid on the product is the one who wins.

How much do bids cost?

The cost of bids varies daily as DealDash regularly has offers to receive bids for cheaper. Always make sure that you’re taking advantage of these daily offers to make sure you’re getting the best possible price. You can pay for bids with debit cards, credit cards, or with PayPal. DealDash will also accept Visa Electron and Maestro Debit cards.

You can also bid on bid packs in auctions to get them for an even more discounted price.

What does “Time as highest bidder” mean?

DealDash rewards its users for bidding. Each time you are the highest bidder in an auction, your bidder bar fills up. Once the bar is full, you can claim free bids and your level goes up. The higher your level is, the more free bids you gain.

How safe is DealDash?

DealDash prioritizes safety, seeing as it’s a website that handles payments. As such, they offer multiple safeguards in place to make sure you’re able to bid without concern.

DealDash has multiple reviews across third-party platforms featuring how much people enjoy the site. Check out these DealDash reviews on BBB and Trustpilot.

DealDash offers a 100% money-back guarantee on your first bid pack within 90 days of purchase without any questions asked.

DealDash also offers secure payments for all credit, debit, and PayPal payments. They utilize SSL encryption to ensure that all transactions are safe.

DealDash also advises you to do your part to keep your account safe and secure by not sharing your personal information with anyone else. Never let anyone else have access to your account.

Is DealDash legit?

We’ve talked about this before, but DealDash is 100% legit.

You pay to play and have the opportunity to win big. However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to win every time, and DealDash is honest about that. They however always make sure you have the option not to walk away empty-handed: if you lose out on an auction but you really want the product, you can buy it for the Buy It Now price displayed on the website. What’s more? If you buy an item from an auction you didn’t succeed with, the bids you spent are returned back to your account to be used in future auctions.

This way, you don’t have to leave empty-handed.

How does DealDash offer deals this good?

The secret to the DealDash game is their partnerships. They develop great relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. They use these relationships to keep the winning auction price as low as possible and allow the users to cash in on the value. DealDash also utilizes overstocked warehouses across the country that provide access to their overstocked products, including brand-name items. DealDash also searches for underexposed designers and producers from around the world to provide some eyes on the talents, giving them exposure and bringing their products to the DealDash users.

How much does it cost to join DealDash?

It doesn’t actually cost anything to register with DealDash. You only need to pay for bids to participate in auctions. There are no additional fees unless you decide to buy a product outright from an auction.

Where does DealDash source its products from?

Literally everywhere. DealDash works with major retailers, brands, and distributors to source a variety of products to keep the selection fresh and exciting. You can find products from big box stores as well as unique pieces from international designers.

Are the products new or used?

All the products sold by DealDash are completely new and come in the original packaging with the exception of cars – they’re also new, but don’t come in a box!

Is there a trick to winning auctions at DealDash

When it comes to actually find a bidding strategy, there’s no 100% guarantee. However, there are some general tips you can utilize to make the experience more enjoyable.

  1. Only bid on products you actually want
  2. Only bid on one auction at a time, people are awful multitaskers
  3. Set a limit to how many bids you want to use per auction
  4. Use the “buy it now” option to get the product and get your bids back
  5. Set yourself a budget and don’t go beyond that.

These are just some of the popular questions out there about DealDash. Did we answer the questions that were at the top of your mind? We hope so!

The Perks of DealDash

Did you know that there are even more perks to bidding with DealDash? Now that’s legit! That’s right, on top of some already pretty bangin’ deals and stellar DealDash reviews, the company also offers a Royalty Program for its regular users. The Royalty Program is a Loyalty Program for all users to enhance their shopping experience. Think of it as DealDash’s way of saying “Thank you” for its users’ patronage.

How does the Royalty Program work?

1) There’s no need to join, all you need is to have a DealDash account.

2) Purchasing bids is what gets you closer to earning yourself the next tier.

3) Start pulling in the rewards based on your achieved tier until the end of the next calendar month. How easy is that?

Royalty FAQ

Q: How long do you stay in your tier?

A: Your title remains in your tier until the end of the following month when all tiers are reset to zero.

Q: How do I determine my Royalty tier status?

A: Royals will be notified through email once they achieve a new tier. You can also check your status from your DealDash Badges page.

Q: What is an exclusive auction?

A: The Royalty Program offers exclusive auctions that are only for members. These auctions receive separate schedules from the main auction pages and aren’t visible to users outside of your tier. How cool is that?

Q: What are “Boosted Daily Rewards”?

A: Users who reach the Noble and Monarch tiers will receive double their Daily Returning Bigger Reward (which is up to 60 bids per day).

Q: What is the Personal Weekly Offer?

A: Users who reach the Monarch tier will receive a weekly offer send through email. These offers include various cool rewards, including free bids, exclusive “buy-it-now” prices, win discounts, and much more.