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by CijiDunne on TopHatter
Great Items from TopHatter!

I just started bidding on TopHatter maybe 2 weeks ago and I have a barrel of items that I "won" and am currently receiving. I received a few pieces of jewelry that I bought and they are really beautiful pieces for the price! My first item arrived in 3 days! A few pieces, the stone fell out the first day on one of the rings which was an extra piece so I just tossed it. I did receive one today which is a beautiful ring but two tiny stones were missing. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with my purchases. I just received a watch today that is beautiful and just my size as I have a tendency to wear kids' sizes my wrists are tiny! I'm happy with TopHatter!

by OutThnk on TopHatter
Hit and miss

My issue is if you actually get a good deal on something the seller just never sends it. Tophatter does refund the money. However, on two occasions I was able to win drones for a great price. After waiting weeks neither shipped. Another time I bid and won on a Blue laser. Which when you read more into the description the only available color was green. Hmm, that one was just plain fraudulent. I chose to cancel and wait for my refund.

by Eunice Nanace on TopHatter
Rip off websitte

I ordered an item won the bid, it shipped out to me. I followed tracking at usps it relects something happened to delivery. Contacted Tophatter and all they say is it was delivered for me to look all around my porch and ask family. My God this was supposed to be a present for one year old. They refuse to reship. Neither have they refunded my money! Going on 3 months now. If I could give them no stars...that is wwhat I would do! My money is to tight to give away.poor customer service!

by Crystal Garland on TopHatter
Bid Responsibly

We all know that 99% of the items on Tophatter are subpar and from China! If you think you won a bid on a $5 ring including free shipping and expect a Tiffany solitaire, that's just being naive. I've bid on many items and got what I expected. One item didn't work and they refunded my money immediately! Never had an issue with them. Now is a different story! Bid responsibly...and you won't be disappointed.

by Amy on TopHatter
Seller Side of Things

If you are looking to be a seller on Tophatter, unless you can afford to sell your items at $1 with under $3 shipping while still paying 30% or more commission to the platform, don't waste your time... the average selling price of many items is too low to be sustainable as they won't let the seller set the starting bid... As an FYI to all the folks saying that Tophatter sells only junk, well it technically isn't Tophatter selling the junk, it's the sellers who have been reduced to having to do this in order to get by... Tophatter has dictated starting bids, and many sellers are not willing to take the risk to put up quality items which have wholesale cost of $8-$15 each... I know I won't... On an item whose wholesale cost to me is $10, I have to get an auction final price of $16 plus $7 shipping in order to break even and even at that I'll only make 28¢... in the category I sell in, the average selling price for the past year has not gone above $7... my items on average wholesale for between $8-$15, and I have some that are even higher than that for my cost... so, yes, you will see a lot of cheap items on Tophatter, but it is because that is what we the sellers have been reduced to because of the policies which Tophatter enforces on us...

by christopher on TopHatter
some of the items that u bid on arnt what your buying

hi just to let u know dont be fooled by this site yes they are vendors selling some of these items but what u recieve arnt what they say they are -for example the bluetooth headphones are not the wireless ones these are wired and not even bluetooth-oh and u have to send them back at your expence for their mistake

by Tara on TopHatter
Love Tophatter app

lover this site. stuff doesn't cost much and is great for gift buying

by Jack on TopHatter

FRAUDSTERS BEWARE!! Don't purchase anything from Tophatter they are scam artists. Cheapest of Chinese trash when they finally arrive, items with missing parts, or items that don't arrive at all. Some items took nearly two months in arriving. Bid on items and win the item only to have the seller back out after purchase. Of my 11 purchases all but one were different than described or the cheapest of Chinese trash.

by Ray on TopHatter
Cancelled deal on me

03/06/2018: Waited over a month for delivery. Then suddenly the transaction was cancelled. So buyer beware. Atleast I received a refund. Total waste of my time. Will not buy from again.

by Dennis on TopHatter
Non-delivery refund terms

03/05/2018--My order has been in Orlando Fl since May 1, 20158. So I asked for a refund and got this reply from TopHatter.Thank you for writing to us.I’ve reviewed the details in your account for Order #: 55192236.This item is still on its way to you.Please note, orders shipping to you from outside of your home country may take longer to arrive and may not show tracking updates.Rest assured, you are covered by Buyer Protection against non-delivery if tracking does not update to show this was delivered to the address you provided at the time of payment.For items that have not been confirmed delivered to the address provided through a valid tracking number, if 60 days have passed from the shipment date and you indicate you have not received the item, we will process a full refund.For details of this policy, please visit the FAQ What if I haven’t received my item?Thank you,Edouard I.Visit our FAQ: for more answers.60 days!!!!!