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by Tamela Hutton on Tophatter

One star is too much for Tophatter. The stuff is cheap crap. Not worth a penny. Fine jewelry??? Who are they kidding. It's kiddy crap from China and takes at least 2 months to get from my experience.

Then returning it is a nightmare. Face it, you've been scammed and have lost your money. Fine site if you like junk cheap.

by skzjohnson on Tophatter
11 items bought 45 days later 2 received

I would give the site a 0 but that isn't an option. I bought several items (11) between April 10 and 17; to date, I have received 2 items. I only ordered because of a BBB review that said they didn't think it was a bogus site......well!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. What I did receive is VERY INFERIOR in quality.

by Sean Cox on Tophatter

UPDATE: EVEN AFTER SPEAKING TO TOPHATTER, THEY REFUSE TO REFUND ANYMONEY! THIS COMPANY IS ALSO BEING SUED! DO NOT USE THIS APP THEY WILL ROB YOU AND THEN GIVE YOU BS REASONS WHY THEY CANT REFUND MONEY. IF TOPHATTER KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR THEMSELVES THEY WILL STOP ROBBING CUSTOMERS! This app is a piece of crap! if you order ANYTHING, do not expect it to arrive. I have 23 packages missing that have NOT shipped and yet on some of them they are over a month old with no shipment!!! when I messaged tophatter about this I gave all 23 order numbers... TopHatter gave a BS excuse of you need to wait 60 days before we can do anything. WHAT THE F#$%!? IF AN ORDER HASNT ARRIVED WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO, YOU REFUND THE CUSTOMER THEIR MONEY TOPHATTER, YOU DO NOT GIVE BS REASONS AS TO WHY YOU ARE A THIEF! TOPHATTER HAS COST ME 10 CLIENTS ALREADY AND IF THEY DO NOT REFUND MY MONEY MY LAWYERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED AND ARE WAITING WITH BAITED TEETH TO SUE THE HELL OUT OF THIS CRAPPY COMPANY! DO NOT USE THIS APP EVER! USE WISH THEY ARE MUCH BETTER! Order #106672970 Order #106321287 Order #106524847 Order #106222339 Order #106117187 Order #105843124 Order #105677647 Order #106897736 Order #106733218 Order #106793917 Order #106543264 Order #106929554 Order #106747503 Order #106508298 THESE ARE ONLY SOME OF THE ORDERS TOPHATTER WONT CANCEL EVEN THOUGH HALF OF THEM ARE ONLY NOW JUST BEING TAKEN CARE OF.. THESE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED AND REFUNDED!!!!

by Sylvia Picone on Tophatter
Don't Even think about bidding on their site

I have made many purchases on Tophatter over the past couple of years but they are getting worse and worse. Within the last few months most of my orders never made it to me. They gave me credit after the 60 day waiting period. I still have outstanding orders that are past the estimated arrival time and again my money is tied up waiting for the sixty days Tophatter allows the vendors to complete the order. I have communicated with them but not getting the results I expect. I have also advised them that I want the credit to go back on my credit card and not a credit with Tophatter. I will no longer do business with them as I have more orders not arriving than actually make it to the USA. Therefore credit with Tophatter will not work. I currently have 4 ordersw past their arrival date waiting for the 60 days for refund and 5 orders expected various dates in June. When you check the tracking info many are in limbo showing no activity for days, weeks. Also the items are not always as nice as the pictures. I have been fortunate to get refunds on most items that arrived damaged or did not fit the description.

by Melissa G on Tophatter

If I could I'd rate a zero, they lie. Got a ring that was supposed to be silver, it wasn't. Just silver plated started coming off, stone was not Alexandrite at all. Came from China and it was cheap. I complained they took it off my order history. Scammers, and now I know. Takes one time to burn me. Buyer beware for sure.

by Annie D on Tophatter

They are NOT legit. They never respond to the only means of contact which is email, they lock you out of your account (again, they don't respond). Items you bid, won and paid for never arrive (again they don't respond). This experience that started out FUN, turned out to be a nightmare, one that totally stresses one out! STAY away..... I don't understand how the average rating is 4 stars, wrong, very wrong.

by Michael. Williams on Tophatter

I find if you are the only bidder it never turns up, when things do turn up there not like the picture well 70% of them.

So you complain about it. You sometimes get a refund or they give you 1 dollar to send it back so you end up stuck with it. STAY AWAY.

by Ernie on Tophatter
Dishonest Theives!!!

Top hatter is a scam!!! They never sent me my product and took my money!!! I have been trying to get my $226 on my credit card and they have not returned any of my emails. They are thieves!!! Stay away from this site!! They sucked me in through another site that i thought the product was coming from. Thay are dishonest and you can't get someone to help!!! I didnt want to give a rating for this site but i wasn't able to leave a review without. They deserve a zero!!!

by Antoine on Tophatter

I only learned about Tophatter because it appeared on a credit card bill. A purchase of what, I have no idea? But there's fraud going on somewhere.

I read Im not the only victim and this isn't the only type of scam.

by Andy on Tophatter

Brought some lights at cheap bid , then was asked if you would like another for same price in which I accepted , paid, two days later was refunded and told damage stock ,but they still selling them days later,if you get a good bye beware