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by JULIE on Tophatter

If I could give it a 1/2 of a star I would. I have ordered 8 items from Top Hatter. Out of the 8 I never received 2 of them. Now granted, when you pay $3-$7 for a piece of jewelry you will get what you paid for. Meaning the quality is the same as if you bought it a flea market or a gumball machine. Every piece I had turned green within 24 hours of having it. Don't let the "positive" reviews fool you because they are full of crap! I am not even going to deal with the hassle of returning everything because I know it will be a complete nightmare! Having to deal with 3rd world countries to do so.....No thanks! I will never use this site again. Nor would I ever recommend to anyone.

by Jerry sesek on Tophatter
30 days in the ehole

A lot of the products are from another country and terrible quality. Be careful when you bid. Read some reviews on the product you want to bid on. A lot of ads are misleading when described by the seller. I would like to see Tophatter get a better handle on the false advertising and deceptive listings. I was blackballed for thirty days because I canceled an order after I found out about the deceptive ads.

by John on Tophatter

According to them , they have no control of items sold or shipping . 90% of the reviews read as if they were paid for and 5% were written by addicts . 99% of items will be sold from China or by a Chinese seller in the states . Quality of products is nothing more than Dollar Store junk . Shipping take forever and a day . If you don't think the Chinese will rip you off , you better think again . They take your money to use for their own gain . Most of the time you will receive something similar to what you thought you paid for and sometimes you won't receive anything . 99.9% of item descriptions are FRAUD but when reported tophatter does nothing to fix it . Item descriptions are mostly of good quality American made products and the item you receive is a Chinese copy that is not worth throwing in the trash . And yet the marketplace has no control over anything . Shop around before buying because these addict get to bidding and go nuts . You can find these same items on Ebay or Amazon or even Walmart cheaper and you get the item ordered within a week .

by Tammie Wenger on Tophatter
Rip off

I was banned from buying because the little notebook I bought was used (not new) and failed to mention this in the item description. i tried to work with it anyway but it was so slow i couldnt stand it. i sent it back and did get a refund but was banned from the site.

by Spider on Tophatter
My Review

Some really great shopping opportunities. But most electrical deals come with scant instructions and very often difficult to read. Return and refund policy though is quite liberal.

by Dave M on Tophatter
Scam site

Poor and misleading item descriptions, requested refund within minutes but refused, fast paced bids designed to confuse, poor quality items. Caution advised. scam site poor buying experience

by Joe Brown on Tophatter
Used to be Good NOT now

When it first started I got great deals on items allot under $10 and free shipping, yes I had to wait for the items no problem. NOW they are charging unreal shipping prices, have reserves on allot of the auctions and stuff is auctioning higher than you can buy it direct. Do research before bidding you will find it cheaper on ebay and by doing a google search.

by kevin malone on Tophatter


by JEFF on Tophatter
my review

i've had no issues with this site products arrive when they are promised

by Wendy blevin on Tophatter

I just love everything that I have gotten from Tophatter