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by Spider on Tophatter
My Review

Some really great shopping opportunities. But most electrical deals come with scant instructions and very often difficult to read. Return and refund policy though is quite liberal.

by Dave M on Tophatter
Scam site

Poor and misleading item descriptions, requested refund within minutes but refused, fast paced bids designed to confuse, poor quality items. Caution advised. scam site poor buying experience

by Joe Brown on Tophatter
Used to be Good NOT now

When it first started I got great deals on items allot under $10 and free shipping, yes I had to wait for the items no problem. NOW they are charging unreal shipping prices, have reserves on allot of the auctions and stuff is auctioning higher than you can buy it direct. Do research before bidding you will find it cheaper on ebay and by doing a google search.

by kevin malone on Tophatter


by Carl Cutrer on Tophatter
My orders

It takes too long to get your stuff

by Rhonda on Tophatter

Great auction site. Very please overall. The item i wasnt pleased with they made it right. I will continue to buy from them.

by Sarina on Tophatter
Satisfied customer

Its easy , fun, and addicting!

by Meecheroo on Tophatter
So far so good

I've bought several things now. So far so good. It can take a while for items to be delivered as they come from China. These are usually Chinese-made items, so if you're aware of the quality and you're okay with it, then you should be happy with the price that goes with it. You can't expect high quality, but you can find some decent things on there. I bought a ring and nobody could tell it was fake and was complimented on just the other day. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy fake designer items on there, but if you find something below $10, then I think I don't mind taking the risk of buying it on here.

The only thing I don't like so far is that I feel like they singled me out (although I'm not sure). But I filled out one of their reviews, and then the next day my account had changed. What happened was I noticed that you don't have to bid. You can actually click on an item in one of the bid items (or search bar) and find the link to the seller and see all the seller's items. From there, you can actually purchase the items directly from the seller without bidding, and usually at a cheaper price. For example, on the bidding section, I noticed a set of rings that sold for $14. Well, I was able to find the exact set from multiple sellers at cheaper prices at $5. So I wrote on the review what's the point of bidding if I can just buy it cheaper directly from the seller. So the next day, I no longer have the search bar available, so I can't search for items like I used to. I no longer am able to buy directly from the seller. When I e-mailed them, they just said their engineers are working on it and don't know when that will be fixed. I feel like it's only me, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I have no intention of bidding if I can buy it cheaper from the seller directly.

by Winston Burnham on Tophatter
Very satisfied with the way Tophatter has good customerservice

Have purchased quite a few items from Tophatter and have had a few issues but customer service gets a 5 Star.

by Robert Rome on Tophatter

Some items junk.