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by diana reyes on TopHatter

the items I ordered were of poor quality and I get no response when asking for a refund.

by Roger on TopHatter
Satisfaction you can't beat

You can't beat their return policy, if you're not satisfied for any reason you can return it and get a credit to your credit card.

by Tammy Wilson on TopHatter

I don’t like that sometimes you just don’t ...Receive your item nor do they don’t refund you so it’s just money you lost and sometimes they send the product is not as described and you get no refund

by Pamela Davis on TopHatter
Getting Boring

When I was new everything was new. Now everything is the same as it was 6 mo ago. Some shipping rates are way out of control.

by Regina L Clore on TopHatter

I'm very pleased with this sit
and enjoy shopping from TopHatter

by Randy on TopHatter
Cheap junk

Signed up to be able to bid, they bill your card $2 a week. I bought half dozen items, some said gold filled which, gold filled can be good stuff, it is real gold filled, not plated. So far I have received the ring that was supposed to be sterling silver, it is not. After looking at the items in the buy now section, most of them go for $3 to $8 with direct buy so I asked myself, why would anyone sit here and bid up prices to pay more than they can buy the junk for direct from the seller? I cancelled my "subscription" and moved on. I would never buy from them again, this stuff is at least QVC quality crap from China or somewhere else and is not what they advertise. So far the items come with no invoice or anything describing the item received so I have no idea what to call it. Finally their commercials lie, they say everything sell for .99 cents, That is a lie because nothing, zero, zip starts at .99 cents. Truth in advertising laws? Stay away, its junk that you an pick up at the dollar store.

by nancy haro on TopHatter

Most of my items come in a timely manner. Most products I receive are quite satisfactory.

by Jeff Thompson on TopHatter
Great site, great quality of products.

When I first started buying your products I thought it was going to be like the other goofy sites. Then after I got all the feedback and the quality of your products I really enjoyed shopping online on your site

by seckh on TopHatter
too much chinese product

too much chinese product. need more AMERICAN PRODUCT

by Steve Clark on TopHatter

Dependable... not happy with being suspended for accidentally pushing bid button.